FRONT OFFICE: Railroad discussion forums

Welcome to the Webville and Hypertext Railroad Company's FRONT OFFICE. This area lists discussion forums and non-Internet online railroad information sources. If your browser is equipped with a newsreader or a mail client you can use the news and mail links to contact the forums directly from this page, or link to pages with further information on the forum. IRCs will usually require a separate client and BBSs a separate communication program for your modem

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Usenet (or NetNews) is a collection of several thousand discussion groups on various topics. Each user posts messages to his/her server and they 'propagate' to other servers across the world where other users post and read messages. Messages are kept on the server for a certain period of time, depending on space, and are removed to make room for new messages. Each server only subscribes to certain groups, depending on the site. Read a group for a couple weeks before posting to get a feel of the etiquette of the group.

TELEX: Online Services

Online services were available to the general public prior to widespread access to the Internet, and so have their own resources and forums for many topics. Only paying members of the service can access these resources. Contact the particular service for details on prices and availability. You must be subscribed to the particular service to access its resources.

MAIL ROOM: ListServes

Mailing lists, or ListServes, are specialized mailing addresses which, when a message is mailed to it, sends that message to all the addresses subscribed to the list. ListServs predate Usenet, but are still quite common and heavily used.

Discussion Lists



BBSs are usually independent of the Internet and are stanalone machines with several modems allowing you to login and download files. You will need a communication program like ProComm and the modem configurations to access them. I have included the settings when possible.

THE INTERCOM: Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a means of 'chating' with other internet users interactivly using test. Each time you press enter the other parties see what you have typed. For more information see Welcome to the Undernet.

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