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W&H NARROW GAUGE LINES: This page has closed

The Webville and Hypertext Railroad Company's NARROW GAUGE LINES has been dismantled. The name of the page was intended to be a pun, that narrow enough prototype railroads are in fact model railroads (it just depends on where you draw the line.) Unfortunately, many folks found this page looking for information on 3' or 2' gauge railroad prototypes and were understandably confused. The actual purpose of the page was model railroads. For these reasons and the fact that I do not have time to continue maintaining two lists of links, this 'department' of the W&H has been closed.

The documents formerly on this page, including the official archive of the Tinplate Train FAQ have been made part of my new site dedicated to Lionel and compatable trains:

The Irvington, Hillside and Mount Clemens Railroad

All of the links that were formerly stored on this page have been checked and moved to:

Interchange Yard

If you came to this page looking for narrow gauge prototype railroads, try starting at:

The East Broad Top Railroad Homepage

If you'd prefer Garden railroading, try visiting:

The East Broad Top Garden Railroad and Coal Company

NGL - R.I.P. October 14, 2000