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Railroad Slogans

This is a collection of slogans and formally accepted nicknames of many North American railroads. If you know of more please send them to me so that I can add them. Informal nicknames are separate at the Railroad Nickname List page.

Compiled by Christopher D. Coleman
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This list was last updated 3/1/02

???Speed Up Your Shipments
The Midwest's Finest Freight Service
Aberdeen and RockfishThe Route of Personal Service
Akron Canton and YoungstownOhio's Road of Service
Alaska RRMcKinley National Park Route
Alexander RailroadThe June Bug Line
Algoma Central RailwayThe Agawa Canyon Route
AmtrakAll Aboard With Amtrak
America's Getting Into Training
Amtrak from simple comfort to pampered pleasure
For the America you can't see anywhere else
Our trains are designed to provide our guests with options that satisfy their personal preference
Amtrak MetrolinerThe civilized shuttle
Ann ArborDirect Route linking East-North-West
Ann Arbor (under the DT&I)We Have the Connections
Ann Arbor (under the MIRR)Ferry in the Fog
Apalachicola NorthernPort St. Joe Route
Arkansas and Louisiana MissouriPersonalized Transportation
Ashley, Drew and NorthernServing Southern Forests
Associated British RailwaysSee it all by train
Atchison, Topeka and Santa FeEl Capitan Coach Streamliner West
Route of the San Francisco Chief
Route of the Texas Chief
Ship and Travel Santa Fe, All the Way
The Chief famous Daily Streamliner West
The Grand Canyon Line
The Scout for Economy Travel West
The Super Chief to California
Atlanta and Saint Andrews BayThe Bay Line
Atlanta and West Point (with WRofA)The West Point Route
Atlantic Coast Line RailroadA vacation in itself
Another Cushioned Load
Route of the Havana Special
Thanks for Using Coast Line
The Standard Railroad of the South
Atlantic and East CarolinaThe Tobacco Belt Line
Atlantic and North Carolina RailroadThe Old Mullet Road
Atlantic and West Point RailroadOld Reliable
Baltimore and OhioLinking 13 Great States with the Nataion
See. Hear. Feel.
Sentinel Fast Freight Service
The Royal Blue Line
Timesaver Service
Bangor and AroostookServing Northern Maine
Boston and MaineBut the railroad always runs
Minuteman Service
British RailIt's quicker by rail
Let the train take the strain
Think again, take a train
This is the age of the train
We're getting there
British Rail InternationalTake the train and see what you've been missing
Buffalo, Rochester and PittsburghSafety and Service
Burlington RouteEverywhere West
CSXQuality in Motion
California Western RailroadThe Redwood Route
Canadian NationalServes All Canada
Canadian PacificThe Empire's greatest railway
Canadian Pacific RailroadRoute of the Canadian
Spans the World
World's Most Complete Transportation System
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City RailwayThe Crandic Route
Central of GeorgiaRoute of the Nancy Hanks
The Center Road
The Right Way
Central of New JerseyPollution Solution: Use CNJ
The Big Little Railroad
Central, West and SouthwestThe Clinchfield Route
Chattahoochee Industrial RailroadBetter By a Dam Site
Chattahoochee ValleyCotton for the Looms of West Point
Chesapeake and OhioC and O for Progress
George Washington's Railroad
The Chessie Route
You'll Sleep Like a Kitten on C and O
Chicago Aurora and Elgin RailwaySunset Lines
Chicago Great WesternThe Corn Belt Route
Chicago NorthwesternEmployee Owned
Overland Route
Route of the 400 Fleet
Route of the 400's and the Streamliners
Route of the Challengers
Chicago and Alton RailroadThe Only Way
Chicago and Eastern IllinoisSpeed and Service
Chicago and Eastern Illinois RailroadSpeed-Efficiency-Service
Chicago, Aurora and ElginThe Roaring Elgin
The Sunset Lines
Chicago, Burlington and QuincyEverywhere West
The Burlington
The Q
The Way West
Way of the Zephyrs
Chicago, Indianapolis and LouisvilleMonon
Shortest Line to Chicago
The Hoosier Line
The Lifeline of Indiana
Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and PacificAmerica's Resourceful Railroad
Milwaukee Road
Route of the Chippewa
Route of the Hiawathas
Chicago, Rock Island and PacificRoute of the Rockets
Ship Rock Island Rocket Freight
The Golden State Route
The Great Rock Island Route
The Rock
Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis and OmahaThe Omaha Line
Chicago, Springfield and St. LouisSpringfield Road
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint LouisThe BIG Four
Clinchfield RailroadQuick Service-Short Route
Colorado and SouthernThe Shortest Time to Texas and Shipcoast Points
Columbus and GreenvilleThe Delta Route
Thru the Heart of Dixie
Connex SouthCentralThe Way to Run a Railway
ConrailConrail Quality
Keep it Moving with Conrail
Let's Keep It Moving
Delaware and HudsonThe Bridge Line to New England and Canada
Deleware, Lackawanna and WesternThe Road of Anthracite
The Route of Phoebe Snow
Delray ConnectingZug Island Road
Denver Northwestern and PacificThe Moffat Road
Denver and Rio Grande WesternMainline Through the Rockies
Rio Grande
Scenic Line of the World
The Action Road
The Moffat Tunnel/Royal Gorge Route
The Royal Gorge Route
Through the Rockies, Not Around Them
Dunkirk Allegheny Valley & Pittsburgh Railroad Co.Dolly Varden
Des Moines and Central Iowa RailroadThe Highland Park Route
Detroit and MacinawHuron Shore Route
Macinac Mac
Detroit and Toledo Shore LineExpressway for Industry
Detroit, Toledo and IrontonWe Have the Connections
Dominion AtlanticLand of Evangeline Route
Duluth and Iron RangeVermilion route
Duluth, Missabe and Iron RangeSafety First
The Missabe Road
Duluth, South Shore and AtlanticThe South Shore
Durahm and SouthernService With Courtecy
East Broad TopOld Easty
East Carolina RailwayServing The Bright Leaf Tobacco Belt
East Tennessee and Western Carolina RailroadThe Tweetsie
Eastern Alabama RailwayBest Little Railroad In Dixie
Elgin, Joiliet and EasternAround - not through - Chicago
The Chicago Outerbelt Line
The J
Erie LackawannaThe Freindly Service Route
Erie RailroadServing the Heart of Industrial America
Eurail FlexipassThe flexible way to see Europe
EurailpassA first class view of Europe
Couple-up and save with Saverpass
Eureka SouthernThe Eel River Route
EurostarAs if by magic, Paris arrived
Direct to the centre of Paris or Brussels
Europe just got closer. So don't forget your passport!
It's a logical, gut-feeling decision
London to the centre of Paris and Brussels. Direct.
No airport hassles
Not one day, but today
Room to move, think, relax
Room to move, work and relax
Family RailcardPocket money prices
Florida East Coast RailwayGoing Places in Florida
Route of the Royal Poinciana
Speedway to America's Playground
Speedway to Sunshine
The Flagler System
Fort Dodge, Des Moines and SouthernThe Fort Dodge Line
French Railways SNCFThe express way into Europe
GNERBritain's fastest railway
Georgia RailroadCourtecy, Safety, Service
Old Reliable
Grand Rapids and IndianaThe Fishing Line
Grand TrunkThe Good Track Road
Grand Trunk WesternThe Good Track Road
Great NorthernGo Great - Go Great Northern
Great For Freight
Route of the Empire Builder
See America first
Great Western RailwaysGood ideas make a great railway
Green Bay and WesternGreen Bay Route
Green Mountain RailroadGateway to the Green Mountains
Gulf Mobile and NorthernThe Road of Service
Gulf Mobile and OhioThe Alton Route
The Rebel Route
Hartford and SlocombOwned by the Shippers We Serve
Heathrow ExpressFamous for 15 minutes
Housatonic RailroadThe Berkshire Route
Illinois Central RailroadMain Line of Mid-America
Route of the Panama Limited
The Green Diamond Route
Illinois TerminalThe Road of Personalized Service
Indiana Harbor Belt RailroadsConnects With all Chicago
IHB Connection. Proud Past, Bright Future
Indiana RailroadFor Safety's Sake Ride the Interurban, For Comfort's Sake Ride the Interurban, For God's Sake Ride the Interurban!!
InterCityGet lost in a book, not on the M25
InterCity makes the going easy, and the coming back
Just thought you ought to know
Take off to where you want to be
The ultimate non-driving machine
Think about it
Welcome to InterCity
What do you find in a car that cruises at up to 125 mph? Anything from baked halibut to bacon and eggs
Jacksonville and HavanaJacksonville Road
Kansas City Southern RailwayRide the Southern Belle
Route of the Flying Crow
Route of the Southern Belle
Kansas City, Mexico and OrientThe Orient Lines
LTS RailReliably to the City
Lamoille Valley RailroadThe Vermont Gateway
Lancaster and ChesterThe Springmaid Line
Le ShuttleCome May it's all systems go history in the making
The less time aboard more time abroad
Tickets to the light at the end of the tunnel
Le Shuttle (Eurotunnel)100 missions a day
Easy come, easy go
Lehigh ValleyRoute of the Black Diamond
Lehigh and Hudson River RailroadThe Bridge Route
Lehigh and New England RailroadIndustry's Freight Route
Ligioner Valley RRThe Pride of the Valley
Litchfield and MadisonThe St. Louis Gateway
London Heathrow Fast TrainLondon Heathrow the civilized way
London TransportMaking London simple
London UndergroundIt's quicker by tube
Long Island RailroadRoute of the Dashing Commuter
Your Mainline to the Mainland
Louisianna and ArkansasRoute of the Southern Belle
Louisville and NashvilleThe Dixie Line
The Old Reliable
METRAThe Way to Really Fly
MTA Metro-NorthGoing Your Way
Maine CentralPrime Mover for Maine Industry
The Mighty Maine Central
The Pine Tree Route
Maryland and PennsylvaniaThe Famous MA and PA
Middletown and HummelstownMilk and Honey
Minneapolis and Saint LouisThe Peoria Gateway
Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Sault Saint MarieThe Soo Line
Minnesota Transfer RailwayHeart of the Midway
Mississippi CentralThe Natchez Route
Missouri PacificMoPac
Route of the Eagles
Missouri-Kansas-TexasCount on KATY
Natural Route Southwest
Route of the KATY flyer
The KATY Serves the Southwest
The KATY Serves the Southwest Well
Mobile and OhioRoute of the Gulf Coast Special
Morristown and EriePacemaker Service
Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods RailwayThe Crookedest Railroad in the World
Muncie and WesternThe Ball Line
Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. LouisThe Dixie Line
Netherlands RailwaysWhen in Holland do as the Dutch do
Network RailcardJust don't overdo it
Network SouthCentralCatch the right train
Network SouthCentral South EasternWho can we get you together with this weekend?
Network SouthEastHappy returns
Many happy returns from Network Southeast
New Jersey TransitThe Way To Go
New York CentralPacemaker Freight Service
The Road to the Future
The Water Level Route - You Can Sleep
New York Central and Saint LouisTo and from Dixieland
New York and Long Branch RailroadRoute of the Seashore Special
New York, Chicago and Saint LouisNickel Plate High Speed Service
Nickel Plate Road
New York, New Haven and HartfordThe All Weather Route with Center to Center Convenience
The Friendly New Haven Railroad
New York, Ontario and WesternRoute of the Mountaineer
New York, Susquehanna and WesternShip with Susie-Q
Norfolk Southern Corporation (new)The thoroughbred of transportation
Thoroughbred Service
Norfolk Southern Railroad (original)East Carolina Dispatch
Norfolk and Western RailwayPrecision Transportation
Route of the Powhattan Arrow
Northern PacificMain Street of the Northwest
Route of the Great Big Baked Potato
Route of the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited
The Yellowstone Park Line
One-Day TravelcardMaking London simple
Pacific ElectricComfort-Speed-Safety
Penn CentralHigh Speed Service
Pennsylvania RailroadDon't stand me still!
Serving the Nation
Standard Railroad of the World
Peoria and EasternQuicker via Peoria
Pickens RailroadThe Route of National Railway Utilization
Piedmont and NorthernService with Courtesy
Pittsburg and ShawmutThe Shawmut Line
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RailroadServes the Steel Centers
The Little Giant
Pittsburgh and West VirginiaThe Alphabet Route
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and Saint LouisThe Panhandle
The Panhandle Route
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and ChicagoThe Fort Wayne System
Port Huron and DetroitSt. Clair Blue Water Route
Providence and WorchesterThe System Known for Service
Pullman CompanyThe World's Greatest Hotel
Travel and Sleep in Safety and Comfort
Quanah, Acme and PacificQuanah Route
The Flash Between East and West
The Transcontinental Cutoff
RailtrackInvesting in Britain's railways
The heart of the railway
Reader RailroadThe 'Possum Trot Line
ReadingAmerica's Largest Anthracite Carrier
Bee Line Service
Regional Railways Alphaline ServiceWherever you're going we'll make you feel at home
Richmond Fredericksburg and PotomacLinking North and South
The Capital Cities Route
Roscoe, Snyder and PacificR-S Pacific Route
RutlandGreen Mountain Gateway
Route of the Whippet
Saint Johnsbury and Lake ChamplainThe Bridge Road
Saint Louis and SouthwesternBlue Streak Fast Freight
Cotton Belt Route
Saint Louis-San FranciscoFrisco
Ship it on the Frisco !
Southeast Frisco Fast Freight Southwest
Salt Lake and UtahSafety, Courtecy, Effeciency
The Orem Line
Salt Lake, Garfield and WesternThe Saltair Route
Seaboard Air LineRoute Of the Robert E. Lee
Route of the Orange Blossom Special
Route of the Silver Comet
Route of the Silver Fleet
Route of the Silver Meteor
Route of the Silver Star
The Route Of Courteous Service
Through the Heart of the South
Seaboard Coast Line RailroadPulling for You
Service Customers Like
Smooth Cushioned Load
We're Pulling for You
Senior RailcardA full life, not a full fare
Senior Railcard British RailGet away with paying a third less
Soo Line RailroadRoute of the Laker
South East Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)At Your Service
SouthernLook Ahead - Look South
Southern Gives a Green Light to Innovation
Southern Railway Serves the South
Southern Serves The South
The Southern Serves The South
Southern PacificRoute of the Daylights
The Friendly Southern Pacific
The Sunset Route
Spokane, Portland and Seattle RailwayNorth Bank Road
The Northwest's Own Railway
Standard Railroad of the SouthThe Aristocrat of Winter Trains
Strasburg RailroadThe Road to Paradise
Tennessee CentralThe Nashville Route
Tennessee, Alabama and GeorgiaThe TAG Route
Texas and New OrleansThe Hickory
Texas and NorthernThe Pig Iron Route
Texas and Pacific RailwayRoute of the Texas Ranger
ThamesLinkThamesLink. Just think.
There's more to London than the office
Think ThamesLink
You can stay up late, because we do too
Toledo, Peoria and WesternLinks East and West
The Progressive Way
Tried Proven and Willing
UndergroundGoing to work on the tube
Nothing is in your way with a Carnet
The tube. Making London simple
You can't beat the tube
Union PacificBe Specific - Ship Union Pacific
Be specific ... say "Union Pacific"
Be specific, route Union Pacific
Dependable Transportation
Everywhere West
Road of the Challengers
Road of the Streamliners
Serves All The West
The Overland Route
We Can Handle It
We Will Deliver
Utah RailwayUtah Coal Route
Venice-Simplon Orient ExpressThe world's most romantic adventure
Vermont RailwayServing Vermont Industry
Virgin TrainsLight at the end of the tunnel
Motoring from city centre to city centre. Business decisions don't come any easier.
Virginia and Truckee RailroadQueen of the Short Lines
WabashFollow The Flag
Serving the Heart of America
The Banner Route
Washington, Idaho and Montana RailwayThe White Pine Route
Waterloo, Cedar Falls and NorthernCedar Valley Road
Weekend TravelcardGiving you the freedom of London for less
Wellsville Addison and GaletonThe Sole Leather Line
Western Maryland RailwayRoute of the Alpha Jets
The Fast Freight Line
Western PacificRides like a Feather
Route of the California Zephyr
The Feather River Route
Western Railway of Alabama (with A&WP)The West Point Route
Wheeling and Lake ErieLife is Good
Old Ironcross
The Wheeling Route
The Wheeling Way
White Pass and YukonGateway to the Yukon
The Container Route
Willamette and PacificBe specific, Ship Willamette and Pacific

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