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W&H MAIN YARDS: Railroad Songs List

This is a listing of American English railroad songs. If you know of more please send them to me so that I can add them. Songs must have some kind of reference to railroads,a railroad or railroad equipment in the lyrics.

I do NOT have lyrics, sheet music, copies or any details more than what you see in the list. I am not a collector of railroad songs and will not be able to identify songs, instead I am providing this list as a reference source. If you have sets of lyrics, fee free to send them. At some point I will archive the lyrics here as well if enough contributors send them in.

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Compiled by Christopher D. Coleman
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This list was last updated 3/1/02

2:19 Train Doradosperformer2000 (CD) Chicago Street Corner Blues & Rhythm
3667 Flying Circusperformer
3801 Chullora Junctionperformer
Ray King and Ron Russellperformer
3:10 To Yuma Frankie Laineperformer1992 (CD) On The Trail Again
Sandy Dennyperformer1991 (CD) Original Sandy Denny
Woman/Lady Godivaperformer1998 (CD) Woman/Lady Godiva
45th of May, The
49 Tons Fred Eaglesmithperformer
Blackie and the Rodeo Kingsperformerca. 1997
5:15 American Quartetperformer
Chris Isaakperformer
The Whoperformer
A Railroader for Me traditional American folksongcomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
A Spike (poem) Larry Pennperformer
AC/DC Josie Aielloperformer
Alabamy Bound Blossom Seeleyperformer
Eddie Cantorperformer
Lonnie Doneganperformer
Algoma Central Stompin' Tom Connorsperformer
All Aboard Alan Roweperformer
All Aboard For Dixie Land Ada Jones and Peerless Quartetperformer
All Aboard for Dreamland Byron G. Harlanperformer
All Aboard the Blues Train
All Down the Line
All Night Train Allman Brothersperformer
Alphabet, The
Altoona Freight Wreck, The
Amtrak Blues Alberta Hunterperformer
Another Engine REMperformer
Around a Western Water Tank see also The Danville Girl
Ashley Planes J. Dougherty/ Donegal Weaversperformer
Asleep at the Switch Charles Sbackfordcomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
E. T. Paull Music Companypublisher1897
At the Sound of the Signal Bell The Jestersperformer
At the Station
Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Johnny Mercerperformer
Atlantic Coastal Line Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
B&O Trestle at Takoma Park
Baby Likes to Rock It The Tractorsperformer
Back on the Train Phishperformer
Baggage Coach Ahead Mac Wisemanperformer
Mac Wisemanperformer
Vernon Dalhartperformer
Ballad of Eugene Victor Debs, The Joe Glazerperformer
Ballad of the 611 The Davod Niblock Bandperformer
Ballad of the White Pass and Yukon Railroad, The Alan Roweperformer
Batunga Train Benny Goodmanperformer1958
Beechie, The Alan Roweperformer
Belle of the Monon, The French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
Ben Dewberry's Final Run Rev. Andrew Jenkinscomposer
Hank Snowperformer
Jimmie Rodgersperformer1928
Between Trains
Beyond the Blue Horizon George Olsenperformer
Big Black Train Flatt & Scruggsperformer1958
S. Johnson, G. Sherryperformer
Big Freight Train Carry Me Home Boxcar Willieperformer
Big Iron Horses Restless Heartperformer
Big Joe
Big Mike Henry
Big Rock Candy Mountain Harry McClintockcomposer
Haywire Macperformer
Hobo Jack Turnerperformer1920's
Keith McNeilperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Tex Ritter and Harry "Haywire Mac" McClintockperformer
Big Steel Rail Gordon Lightfootperformer
Big Train From Memphis CCRperformer
John Fogertyperformer1985
Big Wheels Johnny Hortonperformer
Bill Groan's Goat see also Rosenthal's Goat
Bill Mason
Billy Richardson's Last Ride Cleyburne Meeks/C.Robinsonperformer
Ivy Creekperformer
Vernon Dalhartperformer
Blow That Lonesome Whistle Casey Al Dexterperformer
Blow Your Whistle Freight Train Delmore Brothersperformer1930's
Blue Railroad
Blue Railroad Train Delmore Brothersperformer
Doc Watsonperformer
Blue Train Johnny Cashperformer
Marty Stuartperformer
Blue Water Line Brothers Fourperformer
D. Graf, M. Seligsonperformer
Blue Yodel No. 7 Jimmy Rodgersperformer
Blur Railroad Train Delmore Brothersperformer1930's
Boomer's Story Ry Cooderperformer
Boston and Maine
Bottle of Wine Tom Paxtonperformer
Box Car Willie T.F. Stewardperformer
Boxcar Blues Boxcar Willieperformer
Boxcar Willie Roy Acuffperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
Boxcar's My Home Willie Nelsonperformer
Boxcars Joe Elyperformer
Brakeman's Blues Jimmy Rodgersperformer1928
Brave Engineer, The Cisco Houstonperformer
Roy Harveyperformer1926
Brave Engineer, The (see Wreck of Number Nine)
Bringin' In The Geaorgia Mail Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Norman Blakeperformer
Brother Can You Spare A Dime Bing Crosbyperformer
Rudy Valleeperformer
Buildin' a Railroad Sheb Wooleyperformer
Bullet Train to Osaka
Bum Song, The Jack Turnerperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Bummin Around Boxcar Willieperformer
Bummin' An Old Freight Train Lester Flatt and The Nashville Grassperformer
Bye, Bye Black Smoke Choo Choo Don Reno and Arthur Smithperformer
Joe Glazerperformer
New Lost City Ramblersperformer
C & A Blues Big Bill Broonzyperformer/?composer?
C&O Excursion Frank Hutchinsonperformer(1997 CD) Vol. 1-(1926-29)
C&O Freight and Section Car Wreck E. J. Shumwayperformer
C.C.&O. Number 558 Al Hopkins & His Buckle Bustersperformer
CPR Blues Robert Charleboisperformer(1997 CD) Le Chanteur Masque
Ca Roule CANOperformer
Can't You See Marshal Tucker Bandperformer
Canadian Pacific Chet Atkinsperformer(1998 CD) Picks On The Hits / Superpickers
George Hamilton IVperformer(1996 CD) Country Boy: Best Of
Gordon Lightfootperformer
Hank Snowperformer(1959 CD) Vol. 4-Singing Ranger
Canadian Railroad Trilogy Gordon Lightfootperformer
Cannonball Seldom Sceneperformer
The Carter Familyperformer1930
Cannonball Blues B. Phillipsperformer
Grandpa Jonesperformer
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Cannonball Rag Doc Watsonperformer
Cannonball, The A.P. Carterperformer
Casey Jones words: T. Lawrence Seibert, music: Eddie Newton ??composer
Jim Glaserperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
The New Christy Minstrelsperformer
Southern California Music Companypublisher
Casey Jones (country) Fiddlin' John Carsonperformer
George Peneauperformer
Gid Tanner & his Skillet Lickersperformer
Grateful Deadperformer
Joe Glazerperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
Pete Seegerperformer
Vernon Dalhartperformer
Casey Jones (tin-pan alley) Billy Murrayperformer
Collins & Harlanperformer
Casey Jones (union version) Joe Glazerperformer
Joe Hillperformer
John Duffyperformer
Casey Junior (For Disney's "Dumbo")
Charlie on the MTA The Kingston Trioperformer
Chattanooga Choo-Choo Billy Strangeperformer
Carmen Mirandaperformer
Glen Millerperformer
John Hammond, Jr.performer
Cherokee Fiddle Johnny Lee ?performer
Chick-a-Choo Bob Newmanperformer
Chickasaw Train Blues Memphis Minnieperformer
Chinacat Sunflower Grateful Deadperformer
Chinese Breakdown traditional American fiddle tunecomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Choo Choo Memphis Slimperformer
Choo Choo Chooboogie Asleep at the Wheelperformer
Louis Jordan and his orchestraperformer
Manhattan Transferperformer
City of New Orleans Steve Goodmancomposer
Arlo Guthrieperformer
Judy Collinsperformer
Steve Goodmanperformer
Willie Nelsonperformer
Clear the Track, Let the Bulgine Run
Clickety Clack Cisco Houstonperformer
Clinchfield Special Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Coal Smoke, Valve Oil, & Steam Johnny Hortonperformer
Cold Mountains Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Come on Ride The Train Quad City DJ'sperformer
Coming And Going Of The Trains, The Merle Haggardperformer
Conjunction Junction Schoolhouse Rockperformer
Corduroy Breeches
Country Express Wayne Raneyperformer
Crash of CN 5, The Wallace C. McGeheeperformer
Crazy Train Ozzie Osbourneperformer
Crime of the D'Autremont Brothers, The Johnson Brothersperformer
Crosstie Walker Credence Clearwater Revivalperformer
Cryan the Blues
Crystal Chandeliers and Burgundy Johnny Cashperformer
Daddy Was A Railroad Man Box Car Willieperformer
Seldom Sceneperformer
Daddy on the Railway
Daddy, What's a Train? Joe Glazerperformer
Utah Phillipsperformer
Danville Girl Cisco Houstonperformer
Joe Glazerperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Dark Hollow (traditional)/Seldom Sceneperformer
Darling, I Love You
Daughter of a Railroad Man Johnny Cashperformer
Davis Limited, The Jimmie Davisperformer
Daybreak Express Duke Ellingtonperformer
Death of Jerry Damron, The Dock Boggsperformer1963
Death of John Henry Uncle Dave Maconperformerearly 30's
Deepdene Dasher, The Alan Roweperformer
Desert Moon Dennis DeYoungperformer
Desperados Waiting for a Train Highwaymenperformer
Desperatos Waiting For A Train Roy Acuffperformer
Destination Victoria Station Johnny Cashperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
Detroit City Bobby Bareperformer
Devil's Train, The Roy Acuffperformerlate 30's
Diesel Train Jim & Jesseperformer(1993 CD) Bluegrass & More
Different Trains Kronos Quartetperformer
Diplomat, The Johnny Cashperformer
Distant Train
Dixie Flyer Randy Newmanperformer
Dixie Cannonball Red Knuckles & The Trailblazersperformer
Don't Put Me Off This Train Byron G. Harlanperformer
Don't Sleep in the Subway Darlin' Petula Clarkperformer
Don't You See That Train Laurie Lewis and Kathy Kallickperformer
Double Headed Train Henry Whitterperformer
Down By the Station Four Prepsperformer
Down There By the Train Johnny Cashperformer
Downbound Train Bruce Springsteenperformer
Downtown Train Mary Chapin Carpenterperformer
Rod Stewartperformer
Tom Waitsperformer
Draw Your Brakes Scottyperformer
Drill, Ye Tarriers Thomas Casey?composer1860's
Dick and Jacque Schuylerperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Thomas Caseyperformer1888
Frank Harding's Music Housepublisher1888
Driver 8 REMperformer
Driving the Last Spike Genesisperformer
Dying Engineer
Dying Hobo Jim Glaserperformer
Dying Hogger, The Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
East Bound Freight Train Reno & Smileyperformer
East Bound Train Blue Sky Boysperformer
Eastbound Train Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Echo Canyon traditional Mormon folksongcomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
El Capitan Memphis Slimperformer
End of Train Device
Engine 143 The Carter Familyperformer
Engine of Love Earl Jordanperformer
Engine, Engine No. 9 Billy Strangeperformer
Roger Millerperformer
Engineer Frank Hawk Rainey Old Time Bandperformer
Engineer's Child, The G.B. Grayson & H. Whitterperformer
Hank Snowperformer
Vernon Dalhartperformer
Engineer's Dream, The Vernon Dalhartperformer
Engineer's Last Run, The Blue Ridge Mountain Singersperformer
Engineer, The
Engineers Don't Wave From The Train Anymore
Estatoe Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Fall River Line Billy Murrayperformer
Collins and Harlanperformer
Fast Freight
Fast Train April Wineperformer
Fast Train to Georgia Billy Joe Shaverperformer
Fatal Run
Fire Ball Mail Roy Acuffperformer
Fireball Mail Jim and Jesseperformer
Mac Wisemanperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
First Train heading South Johnny Hortonperformer
Five Feet High and Rising Johnny Cashperformer
Five Hundred Miles (variant of Nine Hundred Miles)
Buddy Davisperformer
Hedy Westperformer
Peter, Paul, and Maryperformer
Flyin' CPR Stompin' Tom Connorsperformer
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cashperformer
Tommy Faileperformer
Footplate Fireman Alan Roweperformer
Freedom Train Lenny Kravitzperformer
Merle Haggardperformer
Freight Train Frank Ifieldperformer
Jerry Garcia w/ David Grismanperformer
Jim and Jesseperformer
Joan Baezperformer
Larry Hartperformer
Moan Arthur Smith and His Dixielinersperformer
Rusty Draperperformer
Elizabeth Cottonperformer/Composer
Freight Train (Instrumental version) Chet Atkinsperformer
Freight Train Blues Benny Martinperformer
Bob Dylanperformer
Boxcar Willieperformer
John Lairperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
Doc & Merle Watsonperformer
Freight Train Boogie Delmore Brothersperformer
Doc Watsonperformer
Red Foleyperformer
Reno & Smileyperformer
Freight Train Moan Arthur Smith and the Dixie Linersperformer1936
Freight Train Rambles
Freight Train Wreck at Altoona Vernon Dalhartperformer
Freight Train, Freight Train Peter, Paul, and Maryperformer
Frisco Road Bruce "Utah" Phillipsperformer
From a Box Car Door Box Car Willieperformer
From a Late Night Train The Blue Nileperformer
From a Rolls to the Rails Boxcar Willieperformer
Full Throttle
Galloping Goose, The C.W. McCallperformer
Gambler, The Kenny Rogersperformer
Gamblin' Blackie Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Gandi Dancers Ball, The (sometimes Gandy) Frankie Laneperformer
Gentlemen, Will You Please Refrain From Flushing t
Georgia Mail, The
Georgia on a Fast Train Johnny Cashperformer
Get A Transfer Nashville Bluegrass Bandperformer
Getting Up Holler Cisco Houstonperformer
Ghan, The Ted Eganperformer
Ghost Train Counting Crowsperformer
Elvis Costelloperformer
Marc Cohnperformer
Rickie Lee Jonesperformer
The Stranglersperformer
Ghost in the Music Nanci Griffithperformer
Girl on a Train 10,000 Maniacsperformer
Give My Love to Rose Johnny Cashperformer
Glendale Train The Good Old Boysperformer
Glory Bound Train ??? Woody Guthrieperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
God Bless the Santa Fe! Lee Greenwoodperformer
Going Away B. Phillipsperformer
Going Home Train Lawrence Wintersperformer
Golden Rocket, The Boxcar Willieperformer
Hank Snowperformer1950
Johnny Hortonperformer
Gone, Just Like a Train Bill Frisellperformer/composer
Good Old American Guest Merle Haggardperformer
Gospel Train
Graveyard Train Credence Clearwater Revivalperformer
Great Alaskan Railroad, The "Hobo Jim" Varsosperformer
Great Ameircan Bum, The see also Bum Song, The
Great American Bum, The Cisco Houstonperformer
Great Rock Island Route, The J. A. Roffcomposer1882
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Great Train Robbery Black Uruhuperformer
Green Green Grass of Home Porter Wagonerperformer
Greenlight on the Southern Norman Blakeperformer
Greenville Trestle High Doc Watsonperformer
J. Jettperformer
Groovy Train The Farmperformer
Guyandotte Bridge Disaster, The
Hallelujah I'm a Bum Words: Harry McClintock, Music: "Revive Us Again"composer1890s
Haywire Mac McClintockperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Hamlet Wreck
Handcart Song, The Keith and Rusty McNeilcomposer
Words: William Hobbs, Music: "The King of the Cannibal Islands"composer
Hank Williams and the Hobo Boxcar Willieperformer
Hard Travellin' Woody Guthrieperformer
Harvey Girls Keith and Rusty McNeilcomposer
Words: J. C. Davis, S. E. Kisercomposer
Hear My Train A Comin'
Heaven Bound Train Carl Storyperformer
Hell Bound Train Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Hello Hopeville
Here Comes the Silverton
Here's To You Rounders
Hey Porter Johnny Cashperformer
Hey, Hey Train Johnny Cashperformer
Highland Dream J.P. Cormierperformer
Hobo Bill Merle Haggardperformer
Hobo Bill's Last Ride Cisco Houstonperformer
Hank Snowperformer
Jimmie Rodgersperformer
Jimmie Rodgersperformer1930
Merle Haggardperformer
Hobo Blues Cisco Houstonperformer
John Lee Hunterperformer
Lonesome River Bandperformer
Hobo Heaven Boxcar Willieperformer
Hobo's Lament E. McWilliamsperformer
Hobo's Lullaby Arlo Guthrieperformer
Goebel Reevesperformer
Mose Scarlettperformer
Pete Seegerperformer
Ramblin' Jack Elliottperformer
Utah Phillipsperformer
Woody Guthrieperformer
Hobo's Meditation Dolly Partonperformer
Jimmie Rodgersperformer
Joe Glazerperformer
Hobo, The Merle Haggardperformer
Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train Louis Armstrongperformer
Home Again Medley Red Mountain Trioperformer
Homebound Train Bon Joviperformer
Homeward Bound Simon & Garfunkleperformer
Honeymoon Express Collins and Harlanperformer
Honkie Tonk Train Blues Meade Lux Lewisperformer
Hoosier Time French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
House Between the Tracks
I Am Bound to Ride Arthur Smith and His Dixie Linersperformer1935
I Can't Find a Train Roy Acuffperformer
I Don't Feel Like A Train John Gorkaperformer
I Dreamed I was a Railroad Man Johnny Ashcroftperformer
I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow Hank Williamsperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
I Know You Rider
I Like Trains Fred Eaglesmithperformer/composerca. 1995
Jim & Jesseperformer(1993 CD) Bluegrass & More
I Love the Sound of A Whistle Boxcar Willieperformer
I Often Dream of Trains Robyn Hitchcockperformer
I Won't give Up My Train Merle Haggardperformer
I&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, The Johnny Cashperformer
I'm Moving On Hank Snowperformer1950
I'm a Hobo Danny Reevesperformer
I've Been Working on the Railraod Mitch Miller & the Gangperformer
Pete Seegerperformer
I've Got a Thing About Trains Johnny Cashperformer
If I Die a Railroad Man Tennera Ramblersperformer
If Love Was a Train Michelle Shockedperformer
Immigration Song, The Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
In the Baggage Coach Ahead Oussie L. Daviscomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Howley, Haviland & Companypublisher
In the Middle of the House Rusty Draperperformer
Vaughn Monroeperformer
In the Pines Arthur Smith and his Dixie Linersperformerca. 1930's
Bill Monroeperformer1939
Bill Monroeperformer1950
Jimmie Davisperformer1946
Johnny Cashperformerearly 60's
Merle Travis and Mac Wisemanperformer
In the Station
India Pacific, The Slim Dustyperformer
Indian Pacific Gondwanalandperformer
Indiana Is So Rich French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
Iron Horse, The Words: Ieuan, Music: "The Caerphilly March"composer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Bee Hive Songsterpublisher1868
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Bob Dylanperformer
It Won't Be Long Kathy Chiavolaperformer
Jay Gould's Daughter
Jennie Dreamed of Trains Vince Gillperformer1996
Jenny Dreamed of Trains Sweethearts of the Rodeoperformer
Jerry, Go Ile That Car Harry "Maywire Mac" McClintockperformer
Jesse James Grandpa Jonesperformer
Comic and Sentimental Songspublisher1887
Keith and Rusty McNeilpublisher
Jim Blake Vernon Dalhartperformer
Jim Fisk Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
F.W. Helmickpublisher1874
Jimmie the Kid J. Neville, Jimmie Rodgersperformer
Jimmy Did You Know
John Chinaman, My Jo Words, J. W. Conner. Music: J. Watsoncomposer1868
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Conner's Irish Song Bookpublisher
John Henry Memphis Slimperformer
John Henry (The Legend of) Hylo Brownperformer
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Merle Travisperformer
Jolly Green Giant Johnny Ashcroftperformer
Just Like This Train Joni Mitchellperformer
Just Set a Light The Jestersperformer
Kansas City Railroad Blues Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Kansas City Southern Pure Prairie Leagueperformer
Kansasland composer1880s
Keith and Rusty McNeilcomposer
Keep on Rollin' Down the Line Boxcar Willieperformer
King of the Road Boxcar Willieperformer
Roger Millerperformer
L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, The Johnny Cashperformer
Michelle Shockedperformer
Last Call For Dinner French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
Last Cannonball M. McCaslinperformer
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Robert Johnsonperformer
Last Hobo, The Tom Paxtonperformer
Last Train Peter Rowanperformer
Last Train For Glory Arlo Guthrieperformer
Last Train From Poor Valley Norman Blakeperformer
Last Train Home Pat Methanyperformer
Last Train to Heaven Boxcar Willieperformer
Last Train to London Electric Light Orchestraperformer
Last Train to Memphis Johnny Riversperformer2/1998
Last Train to San Fernando Calypso Calalooperformer(1994 CD) Calypso Calaloo
Johnny Duncanperformer(1996 CD) Last Train To San Fernando
Last Train to Tokyo Rita MacNeilperformer
Last Train to Transcentral The KLFperformer
Lazy Locomotive Smiley Burnetteperformer
Lee Highway Blues
Legend of John Henry's Hammer, The Johnny Cashperformer
Let Me Be Your Sidetrack Jimmy Rodgersperformer
Let Me Ride the Southbound Rex Allen Jr.performer
Rex Allen Sr.performer
Let it Roll Chuck Berryperformer
Let the Train Whistle Blow Johnny Cashperformer
Life is Like a Mountain Railroad Chuck Millhuffperformer
Tony Riceperformer
Life on the Railroad
Life's Railway to Heavan Words: M. E. Abbey, Music: Charles D. Tillmancomposer
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band w/ Johnny Cashperformer1989
Life's Railway to Heaven Amazing Rhythm Acesperformer
Carter Familyperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
The Greenbriar Boysperformer
trad., arr. W.S. Stevensonperformer
Light at the End of the Tunnel Richie Havensperformer
Lightening Express Bradley Kincaidperformer30's ?
Everly Brothersperformer1964
Lightening Express, The The Blue Sky Boysperformer1930's
Vernon Dalhartperformer
Lincoln's Funeral Train Norman Blake and Tony Riceperformer
Little Black Train Woody Guthrieperformer
Little Engine That Could
Little Red Caboose Behind the Train Paul Warmack & His Gully Jumpersperformer
Pickard Familyperformer
publisherearly 1880s
Keith and Rusty McNeilpublisher
Little Red Shoes Monroe Brothersperformer1930's
Little Red Train
Little Stream of Wiskey Burnett and Hutchinsonperformer
Little Train From Caipira Heiton Villa-Lobosperformer
Locomotion, The Grand Funkperformer
Little Evaperformer
Locomotive Guns N' Rosesperformer
Sawyer Brownperformer
Locomotive 8 REMperformer
Locomotive Breath Jethro Tullperformer
Log Train, The Acoff and Roseperformer
Lonesome Joe Boxcar Willieperformer
Lonesome Whistle Boxcar Willieperformer
Hank Williamsperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
Stonewall Jacksonperformer
Long Black Train to Hell, The
Long Black Train's a Comming, The Rev Am Gatesperformer
Long Train Runnin' Doobie Brothersperformer
Long Twin Silver Line Bob Segerperformer
Longest Train, The J.E. Mainer's Mountaineersperformer
Look What the Engine Done Two Ton Charlieperformer
Look at Me, I'm a Train Albert Hammondperformer
Looking For A New Mama Jimmy Rodgersperformer
Looky Yonder Comin Merle Haggardperformer
Lord of the Trains Tom Russellperformer
Lost Train Blues Arthur Smith and his Dixielinersperformer1936
Love Train O'Jaysperformer
Love and Wealth
Love in Vain Robert Johnson/Rolling Stonesperformer
Maine and the SOO Line
Mamie's Blues
Man Who Paid My Fare, The French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
Many a Man Killed on the Railroad Joe Glazerperformer
Marrakesh Express Graham Nash; Crosby, Stills, and Nashperformer
McAbee's Train Piece Palmer McAbeeperformer
Mean Eyed Cat Johnny Cashperformer
Mean Old Frisco Eric Claptonperformer
Medicine Train The Cultperformer
Medley of RR Songs Boxcar Willieperformer
Memories of Home Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Memphis Flyer Neil Diamondperformer
Metro, The Berlinperformer
Mick Upon the Railroad traditional Irish folk melodycomposer
J. Wrigleyperformer1860s
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Midnight Flyer The Eaglesperformer
The Osborne Bros. & Mac Wisemanperformer
Midnight Special Billy Strangeperformer
Cisco Houstonperformer
Credence Clearwater Revivalperformer
The Skiffersperformer
Midnight Train Doc Watsonperformer
J. McReynoldsperformer
Jim & Jesseperformer
Midnight Train to Georgia Gladys Knight and the Pipsperformer
Lynn Andersonperformer
Midnite Special Alan Lomaxperformer1935
Jim Glaserperformer
Mike Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Mobile Link, The
Monkey and the Engineer Jesse Fullerperformer1986
The Brothers Fourperformerappx. 1964
Monticello Moon French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
Moose-Turd Pie Utah Phillipsperformer
Morning Train Sheena Eastonperformer
Morningtown Ride The Seekersperformer
Mourning Train The Wallflowersperformer
Movin' Gordon Lightfootperformer
Mr Engineer Jimmy Martinperformer
Mr. Conductor
Mule Skinner Blues Jimmie Rodgersperformer
Mulligan Stew
My Baby Thinks He's a Train Asleep at the Wheelperformer
Rosanne Cashperformer
My Baby Thinks She's A Train Asleep At The Wheelperformer
My Dad's the Engineer The Jestersperformer
My Long Journey Home Monroe Brothersperformer1930's
My Love Affair With Trains Merle Haggardperformer
Mystery Train Elvis Presleyperformer
Ronnie Hawkinsperformer
Sleepy LaBeefperformer
The Bandperformer
The Neville Brothersperformer
Mystery of Number Five, The Hank Snowperformer
Jimmie Rodgersperformer
New Delhi Freight Train Little Featperformer
New Market Wreck, The
New River Train Henry Whitterperformer
Monroe Brothersperformer1936
Tony Rice and Norman Blakeperformer
Next Stop Brattleboro NRBQperformer
Nickel Plate Road 759 "Utah" Phillipsperformer
Night Time In the Switch Yard Warren Zevonperformer
Night Train Bruce Cockburnperformer1996 The Charity of Night
Buddy Morrowperformer
Guns N' Rosesperformer
James Brownperformer
Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomeryperformer
Let's Activeperformer
Rickie Lee Jonesperformer
Steve Winwoodperformer
Night Train to Lorca The Poguesperformer
Night Train to Memphis "Little" Jimmy Dickensperformer
Jerry Lee Lewisperformer
Joe Maphisperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
Night Train to Munich Al Stewartperformer
Nine Hundred Miles traditional American folksongcomposer
Cisco Houstonperformer
Fiddlin' John Carsonperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Mac Wisemanperformer
New Christy Minstrelsperformer
Nine Pound Hammer Al Hopkins & His Buckle Bustersperformer
Merle Travisperformer
Monroe Brothersperformer1930's
No Expectations Rolling Stones (composer)performer
No More Trains to Ride Merle Haggardperformer
No Roundtrip Ticket Utah Phillips
No Self Respecting Hobo
Nobody Takes the Train Anymore Holly Dunnperformer
Nowhere Train Carlene Carterperformer
Number 29 Wesley Wallaceperformer
Oh, Mr. Porter
Old Black Choo Choo Rose Maddoxperformer1955
Old Buddy, Goodnight "Utah" Phillipsperformer
Old Iron Trail Boxcar Willieperformer
Old Toy Trains Billy Strangeperformer
Old Train Herb Pedersenperformer
Seldom Sceneperformer
On The New York, New Haven, and Hartford The Jestersperformer
On a Cold Winter's Night (see Wreck of Number Nine)
On the 5:15 The American Trioperformer
The Jestersperformer
On the 7:28 The Jestersperformer
On the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Billy Strangeperformer
Johnny Mercerperformer
Judy Garlandperformer
Louis Jordanperformer
The Merry Macsperformer
Tommy Dorsey Orch. w/ the Sentimentalistsperformer
On the Dummy Line The Jestersperformer
On the Evening Train Molly O'Dayperformer
On the Honeymoon Express Collins and Harlanperformer
The Jestersperformer
On the Old Fall River Line Billy Murrayperformer
Collins and Harlanperformer
On the Southbound Mac Wisemanperformer
One After 909 The Beatlesperformer
One More Ride Hank Snowperformer
Marty Stuartperformer
One Way Ticket Back Home Don Edwards w/ Tom Morrellperformer
Only a Brakeman Words: W. C. Hafley, Music: anonymouscomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
C. Tillman's Song Book Companypublisher
Orange Blossom Special, The Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boysperformer1930's
C. Storyperformer
Donna Stonemanperformer
Johnny Cashperformer1968 At Folsom Prison
Rouse Brothersperformer/writer
Overlander Tom Waitsperformer
PDQ Blues Clarence Williamsperformer
Pacific 231 Arthur Horeggerperformer
Paddy Works on the Railroad Pete Seegerperformer
Pan Amercian Boogie Delmore Brothersperformer
Pan American Boxcar Willieperformer
Hank Williams Sr. (conposer)performer1947
Hawkshaw Hawkinsperformer
Seldom Sceneperformer
Pan American Blues Deford Baleyperformer1927
Pan American Boogie Alton & Rabon Delmoreperformer
Panama Limited Tom Rushperformer
Papa's Billy Goat see also Rosenthal's Goat
Papa's Signal The Jestersperformer
Parliamentary trains
Passage to Bangkok, A Rushperformer/writer1976 2112
Passin the Train
Passin' Train Sawyer Brownperformer
Pat Works On the Railroad Charlie Daniels Band, et al.performer
Joe Glazerperformer
Pat Worksin on the Railway 1850's or 60's
Peace Train Cat Stevensperformer
Peanut Special Byron Parker and His Mountaineersperformer
Peninsula Pike, The Music: "Villikens and His Dinah"conposer
Ilwaco Tribunepublisher
Keith and Rusty McNeilpublisher
People Get Ready Curtis Mayfieldperformer
Rod Stewart w/ Jeff Beckperformer
People Got To Be Free Rascalsperformer
Petticoat Junction Theme Flatts & Scruggsperformer
Phoebe Snow, The "Utah" Phillipsperformer
Please Mr. Brakeman J. Fred Helf and E.P. Morancomposer
Howley, Haviland & Companypublisher1898
Please Mr. Conductor performer1899
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Poor, Poor Pitiful Me Warron Zevonperformer
Prettiest Train I've Ever Seen, The
Promised Land
Puffing Billy Song, The Alan Roweperformer
Put Me on a Train Back to Texas W Jennings and W Nelsonperformer
Queen of the rails "Utah" Phillipsperformer
Rail Song, The Adrian Belewperformer
Railroad Bill Cisco Houstonperformer
Roger Howell/Steel Rails Hummin'performer
Railroad Blues Dan Thomasperformer
Roy Harvey and Earl Shirkeyperformer
Trixie Smith and Her Down Home Synchopatersperformer
Railroad Boomer Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
Railroad Cars are Coming traditional American folksongcomposer1860s
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Railroad Child in Me
Railroad Jim The Jestersperformer
Railroad Lady Jimmy Buffettperformer
Merle Haggardperformer
Railroad Man Murry McLaughlanperformer
Railroad Son
Railroad Song, The Jim Croceperformer
Railroad Travel composer1840s
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Railroad Wife
Railroad Worksong Notting Hillbilliesperformer
Railroadin Rory Blockperformer
Railroading and Gambling Uncle Dave Maconperformer1920's
Railroading on the Great Divide Sara Cartercomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Sara Carter and Carter Familyperformer1952
Railroads and Riverboats Jim Croceperformer
Raising Steam Jethro Tullperformer Jackson Browne
Ramble on the Railways Alan Roweperformer
Rambler, The Cisco Houstonperformer
Ramblin' Man Hank Williamsperformer
Ramblin' On My Mind
Rambling Blues R. Johnsonperformer
Rambling Hobo Doc Watsonperformer
Rattlin' Cannonball Wilf Carterperformer
Reckless Hobo, The see also The Danville Girl
Red Ball to Natchez
Red Streamliner Little Featperformer
Refrigerator Car Spin Doctorsperformer
Regular Army, Oh, The Keith and Rusty McNeilcomposer
Words: Ed Harrigancomposer
Rhythm of The Rails Buddy Davisperformer
Ribbon of Steel Johnny Cashperformer
Ride the Train Alabamaperformer
Ride This Train Johnny Cashperformer
Ridin' That Midnight Train Doc Watsonperformer
Ridin' on the Cotton Belt Johnny Cashperformer
Ridin' the Rails
Ridin' the Rods
Ridin' with the Driver Motorheadperformer
Riding in the Old Z Van Alan Roweperformer
Riding on a Railroad James Taylorperformer
Riding the Sunshine Special Johnny Hortonperformer
Road to Paradise
Roamer, The Cisco Houstonperformer
Rock Island Line traditional American folksongcomposer
Huddy "Leadbelly" Ledbetterperformer1937
Johnny Cashperformer
Johnny Hortonperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Leadbelly /Jonny Hortonperformer
Lonnie Donneganperformer
Pete Segerperformer
Stan Frebergperformer
The Weaversperformer
Woody Guthrieperformer
John A. Lomaxpublisher1934
Roll on Buddy (Nine Pound Hammer) Nitty Gritty Dirt Bandperformer
Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms Flatts and Scruggsperformer1950
Rosenthal's Goat Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Roundhouse Blues
Roving Gambler, The Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Royal Station 4/16 Melissa Etheridgeperformer Brave and Crazy
Ruben's Train Flatts and Scruggsperformer
Rumbletrain Mighty Lemon Dropsperformer
Run Away Train Steve Morseperformer
Run, Kate Shelly, Run
Runaway Train Eric Clapton and Elton Johnperformer
Rosanne Cashperformer
Soul Asylumperformer
Sam's Waiting For A Train
Santa Fe All the Way Johnny McCollumperformer
See The Train Blancmangeperformer
Sentimental Journey Jo Ann Grierperformer
Les Brown Orch. w/ Doris Dayperformer
Serenade to a Lonesome Railroad Station Raymond Scott Quintetperformer
Shadow's On A Dime
She Caught The Katy (and Left Me a Mule to Ride) Blues Brothersperformer
She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain
She's a Hoosier Line French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer
Shining Time Station Theme
Shuffle Off To Buffalo
Silver Ghost, The Merle Haggardperformer
Silver Ribbons Waylon Jenningsperformer
Silver Train Rolling Stonesperformer
Silverton Train, The C.W. McCallperformer
Six Wheel Driver
Six-Five Special Don Lang and His Frantic Fiveperformer
Sleepy Little Town French Lick Springs Resort Orchestraperformer1947
Slow Freight Glenn Miller Orchestraperformer
Slow Moving Freight Train Hugh Moffattperformer
Slow Train Bob Dylanperformer
Flanders and Swannperformer
Slow Train Through Georgia Norman Blakeperformer
Slow Train to Dawn The Theperformer1986 Infected
Smoke Along the Track Dwight Yoakamperformer
Emmylou Harrisperformer
Stonewall Jacksonperformer
So Long Train Whistle Merle Haggardperformer
Somebody Robbed the Glendale Train
Something About Trains Jane Siberryperformer
Soul Train Gamble and Huffperformer
South Bound Train, The Jim & Jesseperformer(1993 CD) Bluegrass & More
Southbound Doc Watsonperformer
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Southbound Passenger Train Doc Watsonperformer
Southern #111 Roane County Ramblersperformer
Southern Cannonball Hank Snowperformer
Jimmy Rodgersperformer1933
Southern Pacific Neil Youngperformer
Steve Spurginperformer
Southern Railroad Blues Norman Blakeperformer
Southwind Johnny Cashperformer
Spanish Train Chris DeBurghperformer
Spike Drivers Blues Doc Watsonperformer
Mississippi John Hurtperformer
Starlight on the Rails Bruce "Utah" Phillipsperformer
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Station to Station David Bowieperformer
Steam Engine Monkeesperformer
Steam Engine Polka Johann Straussperformer
Steel Drivin Man
Steel Rail Blues Gordon Lightfootperformer
Steel Rails Louisa Branscombperformer
Stop That Train The Wailersperformer
Stop! Look! And Listen! The Jestersperformer
Streamlined Cannonball Doc Watsonperformer
Mac Wisemanperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
Subsidy, A Goat Island Ballad Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
California Mail Bagpublisher1872
Sunshine Special Roy Acuffperformer
Super Chief Count Basie Orchestraperformer
Harry James Orchestraperformer
Supertrain Four Non Blondesperformer
Swingline Adrian Belewperformer Lone Rhino
Taka me back to my old Carolina Home Uncle Dave Maconperformer1930
Take the "A" Train Billy Strayhornperformer
Chaka Khanperformer
Duke Ellingtonperformer
Harry Jamesperformer
Take the Last Train to Clarksville Billy Strangeperformer
Boyce and Hartperformer
The Monkeesperformer
Talkin' Freight Gordon Lightfootperformer
Tamping Ties Henry Truvillionperformer1940
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
John and Ruby Lomaxpublisher
Ten Thousand Miles From Home see also The Danville Girl
Tennessee Central #9 Roy Acuffperformer
Tennessee Choo Choo Delmore Brothersperformer1930's
Tennessee Gravy Train, The Uncle Dave Maconperformer1930's
Texas Silver Zephyr Red Steagallperformer
Texas and Pacific (The TP Special) Louis Jordanperformer
Texas, 1947 Guy Clarkperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
That Train Don't Stop Here Los Lobosperformer
That's My Song Smothers Brothersperformer
There's Many A Man Kille on the Railroad Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
They Aren't and They Shan't 'Cause They Can't Alan Roweperformer
Third Class Wait Here Slim Dustyperformer
This Train Bob Dylanperformer
Bob Marley w/ Peter Toshperformer
Percy Faithperformer
Tiegs Sistersperformer
This Train Won't Stop Trafficperformer
This Train's a Clean Train Joe Glazerperformer
Throw Mama From the Train Patti Pageperformer
Ticket To Ride Beatlesperformer
To Morrow Kingston Trioperformer
To Stop the Train
Toe River Train Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Tolono "Utah" Phillipsperformer
Tons of Steel Grateful Deadperformer
Track Walkin' Billy Strangeperformer
Train Lagwagonperformer
Straitjacket Fitsperformer
Train 1262 Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggsperformer
Train 45 (see also Nine Hundred Miles) J. Flamingo/N. Perryperformer
Mac Wisemanperformer
Train 45 Headed South
Train Blues Woody Guthrieperformer
Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home, The
Train Collector, The
Train I Ride Elvisperformer
Train Kept A-Rollin' Aerosmithperformer
Johnny Burnette trioperformer
Train Leaves Here This Morning Eaglesperformer
Train Running Low on Soul Coal XTCperformer
Train Song Murray McLaughlanperformer
Tom Waitsperformer
Train That Carried My Girl From Town, The
Train That Took Jimmy Rodgers Home, The
Train Time The Weaversperformer
Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Train Time at Pumpkin Center Cal Stewartperformer
Train Track Bill Frisellperformer
Train Tracks Izzy Stradlinperformer
Train Was Saved, The The Jestersperformer
Train Whistle Blues Jimmie Rodgersperformer1930
Train With The Rhumba Beat Johnny Hortonperformer
Train a Travlin Bob Dylanperformer
Train and the River, The (instrumental) The Jimmy Giuffre 3performer1957
Train in Vain Rolling Stonesperformer
The Clashperformer
Train in the Distance Paul Simonperformer
Train of Love Johnny Cashperformer
Neil Youngperformer
Train on the Island
Train that Will Never Be Found Llewellyn Lewis and Bill Pierceperformer
Train to Frisco
Train to Memphis Papa John Creechperformer
Train to Sligo
Train's Done Left Me, The Carolina Tarheelsperformer
Train, Train Black Footperformer
Trains Al Stewartperformer
Ian Andersonperformer
Trains Don't Run From Nashville Kate Campbellperformer/composer
Trains Make Me Lonesome Mike Auldridgeperformer
Trains and Boats and Planes Dionne Warwickperformer
Trains, Tracks and Travel Hank Snowperformer
Trainwreck of Emotion J. Vezner, A.D. Kohnhorstperformer
Lorrie Morganperformer
Trans Europe Express Kraftwerkperformer
Trans-Continental Railroad, The
Transit Ride Guru (w/Branford Marsalis)performer
Trolley Song, The Dick Haymesperformer
Judy Garlandperformer
True and Trembling Brakeman, The
Trusty Lariet
Twelve Hundred More traditional Irish folk melodycomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
The Blue and Gray Songsterpublisher1877
Twin Silver Line Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Bandperformer
Two Old Timers Johnny Ashcroftperformer
Two Trains Little Featperformer
Two Trains Runnin
Two-ten, Six-Eighteen Jimmy RodgersperformerAppx. 1964
UP Song UP Country Western Bandperformer
Union Labor Train W. Guthrieperformer
Union Station Merle Haggardperformer
Union Train Almanac Singersperformer
Joe Glazerperformer
Up and Down of Railways, The
Up on the CP LIne
Wabash Cannon Ball Jim & Jesseperformer(1993 CD) Bluegrass & More
Wabash Cannonball Arlo Guthrieperformer
Benny Martinperformer
Billy Strangeperformer
Carter Familyperformer
Chet Atkinsperformer
Delmore Brothersperformer
Ivy Creekperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
Roy Acuffperformer
The Carter Familyperformer
Utah Phillipsperformer
Waiting for a Train see also The Danville Girl
Jerry Lee Lewisperformer60 or 70's
Jim Reevesperformer
Jimmie Rodgersperformer1929
Johnny Cashperformer
Waiting for the Train to Come In Peggy Leeperformer
Walkin Holes in My Shoes Boxcar Willieperformer
Walking in My Sleep Bill Cliftonperformer
Walking the Ties Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Way out in Idaho Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
West Texas Teardrops The Old 97'sperformer
What the Engine Done The Jestersperformer
What the Engine Said Bret Hartecomposer
Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer
James R. Osgood and Co.publisher
When Love Comes to Town B.B. Kingperformer
When You're Only Nine Toe River Valley Boysperformer
When the Golden Train Come Down B. Nolanperformer
When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam' Victor Military Band
Collins and Harlanperformer
The Jestersperformer
Tommy Dorseyperformer
When the Train Comes Along Uncle Dave Macon & Sam & Kirk McGeeperformerearly 30's
Where Do You Work-A John? The Jestersperformer
Where Have All The Hobo's Gone Merle Haggardperformer
White Room Creamperformer
Who Buried Cedar Hill
Wild and Recless hobo, The see also The Danville Girl
Will there be any Freight Trains in Heaven Jimmy Rogersperformer
Merle Haggardperformer
Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey? Guy Lombardoperformer
Worried Man Blues Carter Familyperformer1920's
Cisco Houstonperformer
Wreck Above Spruce Pine Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Wreck Between New Hope and Gethseman, The
Wreck at Altoona, the (see Altoona Freight Wreck, The)
Wreck at Hunicut Curve, The Buddy Prestonperformer
Wreck of 36 Jim Dobbinsperformer
Wreck of Number 9
Wreck of Old 49
Wreck of the 1256
Wreck of the 1262 Doc Watsonperformer
Wreck of the 143
Wreck of the 252, The Thad Beach/Steel Rails Hummn'performer
Wreck of the C&O #5
Wreck of the FFV
Wreck of the L&N, The Phipps Familyperformer
Wreck of the N&W Cannonball
Wreck of the Number 52
Wreck of the Number Nine Robisonperformer
Wreck of the Old '97
Billy Strangeperformer
Boxcar Willieperformer
Cisco Houstonperformer
Flatt & Scruggsperformer
Hank Snowperformer
Johnny Cashperformer
Mac Wisemanperformer
Vernon Dalhartperformer1924
Vernon Dalhartperformer1926
Wreck of the Royal Palm Express Joe Glazerperformer
Rev. Andrew Jenkinsperformer
Toe River Valley Boysperformer
Vernon Dalhartperformer
Wreck of the Sportsman
Wreck of the Virginian Number 3 (1) John McGeeperformer
Wreck of the Virginian Number 3 (2) Alfred Reedperformer
Wreck of the Virginian Number 3 (3) Roy Harveyperformer
Wreck of the Virginian Number 3 (?) Blind Alfred Reedperformer
Wreck on the C&O-FFV, The Roger Howell/Steel Rails Hummn'performer
Yonder Comes A Freight Train Jim & Jesseperformer(1993 CD) Bluegrass & More
You Can't Get Far Without a Railroad
Zak, the Railroad Engineer Keith and Rusty McNeilperformer

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