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By gramsey@c40.ncel.navy.mil
Last updated 6-5-94

The following is a list of Professional Associations related to freight cars and locomotives which I culled from various trade magazines. There are other organizations whose focus is track/MOW which I'll try and list someday when I have nothing better to do ;-).


Associations related to freight cars and locomotives

The Air Brake Association

Provides an outlet to obtain higher efficiency in air brake
service.  Annual technical conference is held once a year as part
of the Coordinated Mechanical Associations, for the purpose of
extending knowledge to others who attend the meeting or non-
attending members through its annual Proceedings and other
bulletins and manuals.
P.O. Box No. 1
Wilmerding,PA 15148-0001
(412) 825-1465 or (219) 874-3129
     D.K. Koerner, President (CSXT), 500 Water St., Jacksonville,
     FL 32202; (904) 3592358, Fax (904) 359-3965
     H.T. Jones, 1st Vice President (UP), 320 West 200 South,
     Salt Lake City, UT 84101; (801) 595-3862, Fax (801) 595-3887
     J.R. Mecaskey, 2nd Vice President (ATSF), 1001 N.E.
     Atchison, Topeka, KS 66616; (913) 295-5705, Fax (913) 295-5026
     Tom Wojcik, 3rd Vice President (CP Rail), P.O. Box 6042,
     Stn. A, Room 900, Montreal, PQ, Canada H3C 3E4; (514) 395-6877,
     Fax (514) 395-7344
1993 Annual Technical Conference, Sept. 12-15,
Chicago Hilton, Chicago, IL.;
1994 Annual Technical Conference, Chicago Hilton,
Sept. 18-21.

American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners

Devoted to private railroad passenger cars. Primarily involved in
representing individual passenger car owners before Amtrak, AAR,
FRA and various legislative bodies.
421 New Jersey Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 547-5696
     M. Diane Elliott, Executive Director
     1993 Annual Meeting and Convention, Oct 20-24, Sacramento, CA.

American Railway Car Institute

Advances the common interests of those engaged in freight car
manufacturing, engineering, designing, marketing and economics.
Collects and supplies information of value within its membership
with respect to the railway car industry.
700 N. Fairfax St.
Alexandria,VA 22314 (703) 549-5662
     John E. Carroll, Jr., Chairman (Thrall Car Manufacturing
     William L. Snelgrove, Vice President (Union Tank Car Co.)
     L. Dale Gaeth, Executive Director

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Rail Transportation Division

A Division of the ASME that provides mechanical engineers in the
railroad and transit industry a means for dealing with railroad
mechanical engineering problems. It also advances the art and
science of mechanical engineering in the railroad industry. The
presentation of technical papers and reports are an important
part of the Rail Transportation Division activity.
     Thomas S. Larson, Chairman, Room 1202J305, CSX
     Transportation, Inc., Jacksonville, FL 32202; (904) 359-3671
     Grant H. Arrasmith, Manager-Division Affairs, 4012 SE 19th
     Ave., #C203, Cape Coral, FL 33904; (813) 945-0466
     Elio Manes, ASME Staff, 345 E. 47th St., MS 5A, New York, NY
     10017; (212) 705-7797
1993 Fall Rail Transportation Division Conference, Oct. 19-21,
Arts Center, Pueblo, CO;
1993 Winter Annual Meeting of ASME, Dec. 13, New Orleans, LA.

Association of Car Accounting & Car Service Officers

A forum for information and problems that enables the car
accounting officers to keep abreast of changes and advances.
100 N. Charles St., B05E
Baltimore,MD 21201
(410) 237-1 580
     Pat Leahy, Secretary-Treasurer

Car Department Officers Association

Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge pertaining to the safe
and economical operation of rail and transit cars; to the
exchange of ideas and advances in car construction, maintenance
and operation; and to make constructive recommendations to the
Association of American Railroads. It also functions as a member
of the Coordinated Mechanical Associations, including the joint
technical conference held every September.
1039 S. Finley Rd.
Lombard, IL 60148 (708) 627-4714
     Douglas Sizemore, President (ATSF Rwy.)
     Gary Griffiths, 1st Vice President (IC RR)
     Peter Lagana, 2nd Vice President (Conrail)
     Robert Nadrowski, 3rd Vice President (WC)
     Edward Tellalian, Secretary
1993 Annual Technical Conference, Sept. 1315, Chicago Hilton, Chicago, IL.

Chicago Car Interchange Bureau

Coordinates and processes activities involving the interchange of
freight cars in the Chicago terminal area.
3700 W. 47th St.
Chicago, IL 60632
(312) 247-3300
     Walter Helmus,Jr.,Superintendent(Chicago, IL)

Chicago Railroad Car Accounting Officers Association

Car accountants from both the railroad industry and the private
car line industry dealing with matters local to Chicago or the
industry as a whole.
P.O. Box 5062
Rosemont, IL 60018 (708) 318-4721

     Lee A. Hirsch, Chairman (Manager-Equipment Accounting,
     Wisconsin Central, Ltd.)
     M.A. Carson, Treasurer, (708) 957-5946
     Meetings: Third Friday of March, June, Sept., Nov. and Dec.

Committee of the Coordinated Mechanical Associations

Coordinates the activities of four major railroad mechanical
organizations and also works in coordination with the activities
of the Railway Supply Association. The four organizations are the
Air Brake Association,Car Department Officers Association,
Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association, and International
Association of Railway Operating Officers.
1694 Helmholz Rd.
Sturgeon Bay, Wl 54235 (414) 743-2822
     Ralph L. Johnson, Chairman (C&NW)
     Douglas M. Sizemore, Member (ATSF)
     L. Dale Gaeth, Secretary
1993 Annual Technical Conference, Sept. 1215, Chicago Hilton &
Towers, Chicago, IL.

Intermodal Association of North America

The association's mission is to promote the benefits of
intermodal freight transportation and encourage its growth
through innovation and dialogue.
6410 Kenilworth Ave.,5-108 Riverdale, MD 20737
(301)864-2661, Fax(301)864-4163
     John A. McQuaid, President
     Donald G. Mclnnes, Chairman (ATSF)
     Richard W. Sanders, Vice Chairman (ITCO)
     Richard H. Dorsey, Secretary-Treasurer (MOL Intermodal)
Meetings: Oct. 17-20,1993, Nashville, TN; Feb. 20-23,1994, San Diego, CA.

International Association of Railway Operating Officers
(Formerly Ry. Fuel & Opr. Officers Assn.)

The focus of the association is on locomotive operation and train
handling, as an organization for the improvement of its members
in an educational way, and advancement of the interest of the
railroads through the adoption of the best methods of improving
locomotive operation and train handling. The association's
technical conference is held annually in September as part of the
Coordinated Mechanical Associations for impartial discussion of
subjects for the betterment of its members and for the railroad
industry as a whole. Its book of Proceedings is issued to all
members and contains the presentations and discussions. Also
issued is a bi-monthly bulletin and two manuals on Locomotive
Operation, as well as a Fuel Conservation booklet, suitable for
training classes.
One Leo Drive
Bloomington, IL 61701 (309) 827-3870
     L.G. Finnerty, President (CN Rail)
     B.D. Sanders, 1 st Vice President (KCS)
     J.C. Kissinger, 2nd Vice President (CSX)
     G.J. Hickey, 3rd Vice President (BC Rail)
     M.L. Volkmar (C&NW)
     W.N. Hull, Secretary-Treasurer
1993 Annual Meeting, Sept. 12-15, Chicago Hilton & Towers, Chicago, IL.

Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association

International Association of railroad officers whose
responsibilities and interests are concerned with the repair and
maintenance of railroad locomotives and shop-related equipment.
The LMOA is one of four member groups of the Committee of the
Coordinated Mechanical Associations. Its purpose is to provide
locomotive maintenance information to railroads and affiliates;
to exchange maintenance experience and information with members
of the association, locomotive builders and the railroad supply
industry; and to make constructive recommendations on locomotive
maintenance procedures through technical committee reports. These
technical committee reports are developed by six technical
committees that are: Diesel Electrical Maintenance; Diesel
Mechanical Maintenance; Shop Equipment; Fuel, Lubricants and
Environmental; New Developments; and Diesel Material Control.
6047 S. Mobile Ave. Chicago, IL 60638
(312) 586-9780
     Weylin R. Doyle, President (UP)
     Mark A. Coles, 1 st Vice President (UP)
     Glen Peters, 2nd Vice President (ATSF)
     Charles Miller, 3rd Vice President (UP)
     Ronald J. Pondel, Secretary-Treasurer
     1993 Annual Meeting, Sept. 13-15, Chicago Hilton, Chicago, IL.

Mechanical Training Officers Association

Provides clearing house and means for joint advancement of
training activities of railroad mechanical groups. Activities are
in training procedures, equipment and facilities. The association
also works jointly in developing training aids and programs
involving motive power, cars and railroad shops. Box 1 393
Roseville, CA 95678 (916) 449-1822
     H.M. Bothum, President (CR)
     H.E. Shaw, 1 st Vice President (Amtrak)
     P. Truburg, 2nd Vice President (PATH)
     B.P. Theriualt, 3rd Vice President (Guilford Transportation)
     G.L. Putnam, Secretary-Treasurer(SP)

National Association of Purchasing Management, Rail Industry

The purpose of the group is to provide NAPM purchasing and
materials management members in the Rail Industry Group with an
opportunity to discuss and exchange information and knowledge on
a cooperative basis.
Consolidated Rail Corp.
2001 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1409 (215) 209-4119
     P.H. Wilson, Chairman (Conrail)
     F.A. Quinto, 1 st Vice Chairman (TTX)
     F. Wallace, 2nd Vice Chairman (CP Rail)
     M.L. Legg, Secretary-Treasurer (UP)

Railway Fuel & Operating Officers Assn.
(See International Association of Railway Operating Officers)

Railway Progress Institute

The RPI is an international association of railroad suppliers
devoted to unifying and advancing the role of rail
transportation. Directly related to the freight car is its
Committee on Tank Cars, which pursues safety research and nego-
tiated car compensation matters with the railroads, Committee on
Equipment Leasing, which evaluates regulatory and public issues
affecting lessors of freight rolling stock; and Committee on
Taxation, which concerns itself with state tax initiatives
directed toward freight rolling stock. Its Quality Assurance
Working Group concerns itself with quality management programs
and coordinating them with quality work of the railroads and the
Association of American Railroads Mechanical Division.
Suite 201
700 N. Fairfax St.
Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 836-2332
     L. Clark Wood, Chairman (Gunderson)
     Larry E. Salci, Vice Chairman (Bombardier)
     Robert A. Matthews, President
     Thomas D. Simpson, Vice President-Government Affairs
     Molly A. Hart, Vice President
     Nancy H. Wright Bowyer, Treasurer
Annual Meeting, Nov. 11, 1993, Washington Hilton & Towers, Washington, DC.

Railway Supply Association, Inc.

The RSA sponsors periodical mechanical exhibitions and correlates
its activities with those of the Coordinated Mechanical
Association. It also engages in other special mechanical
activities that bear a joint relationship between railroads and
railroad supply companies.
1694 Helmholz Rd.
Sturgeon Bay, Wl 54235 (414) 743-2822
     P.J. Stoyanoff, President (TTX)
     J.G. Stark, Secretary (Miner)
     H.E. Tonn, Treasurer (CRS)
     L. Dale Gaeth, Executive Director
     Annual Meeting, Sept. 12-15, 1993 Chicago Hilton & Towers,
Chicago, IL; Committee of the Coordinated Mechanical Associations
1993 Annual Meeting, Sept. 12-15, 1993, Chicago Hilton & Towers,
Chicago, IL.

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