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W&H MAIN YARDS: List of Railway Movies

By Mark Brader
Last Updated: 12-5-95

An Aperiodically Posted Article

This is a canned article which I repost at irregular intervals in the railway and movie newsgroups. The list was last modified on December 5, 1995; it was last posted on October 6, 1995, on that occasion to misc.transport.rail.americas and rec.arts.movies.past-films.

Followups are directed to email, but if you have comments *other* than about what should or should not be on the list, feel free to post a followup to an appropriate newsgroup.

What This Is About

The list is restricted to what I like to call Railway Movies of the First Kind: those where the railway aspect can be considered one of the most important elements in the movie. Trains or tracks or subways or stations, or railway construction or railway employees, will be in the movie generally for at least 1/3 to 1/2 of its length, and usually more than that. Some latitude is granted for films based around a *single* train robbery, and there are a few other exceptions based on our discretion. "TV-movies" and video releases are included as well as real movies.

Some examples of movies with notable railway scenes which nevertheless do *not* qualify for the list are: "Before Sunrise", "Strangers on a Train", "North by Northwest", "Go West", "The Seven-per-cent Solution", "Doctor Zhivago". Movies of less than feature length (say 75 minutes, or somewhat less for older films) are also excluded; for example, Buster Keaton's 1965 film "The Railrodder", and the famous 1936 British doc- umentary "Night Mail", are both shorts and so not listed.

What This is Not About
This is not a list of *good* movies about trains; that would be too subjective to be useful. Many films on the list are simply trash. It is not a list of *realistic* movies about trains; I'm not qualified to evaluate all the technical details, but I can certainly say that many of the films have serious flaws in their depiction of railways. However, since I am posting the list anyway, I have taken the liberty of adding a "*" beside the title of a few movies that I have seen and particularly enjoyed *as movies*. Use these as recommendations at your own risk.

I have no idea which movies have or have not been released on home video.

Who Did It
The list was originally compiled by Mike Trout, who is no longer on Usenet, and is now maintained by me, Mark Brader. Many sources have been used for descriptions of movies that we haven't actually seen, to judge whether or not to list them; but when possible, all dates, running times, and cast information are taken from the annual guidebook now called "Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide 1995" (Plume, 1995, ISBN 0-452-27327-7), with this source being generally taken as authoritative.

The best single reference now available for the question of what is a railway movie is "Railways on the Screen" by John Huntley (Ian Allan, 1993, ISBN 0-7110-2059-0); Huntley lists a vast number of short films not included in this list, gives many more details of each film than I can do here, and rates every film for the degree of railway content, from 1 to 5 engines. However, his coverage of British movies is clearly significantly better than that of American ones or other countries'. Also, he does not distinguish releases made directly for home video, and his "engine" ratings appear to be based on some factor such as the degree to which *real* railways were used in filming. This list now incorporates information from Huntley's listings. I have adopted the policy, for films I have not seen and have no other information about, that a Huntley rating of 1 or 2 engines suggests that they don't belong on the list; a rating of 3 to 5 suggests that they do.

Another source of entries was the list of movies that "either take place on trains or feature memorable train scenes" given in "The Movie List Book: A Reference Guide to Film Themes, Settings, and Series", by Richard B. Armstrong and Mary Willems Armstrong (1990, McFarland, ISBN 0-89950-240-7). Again, at my discretion I have rejected some films that they listed, based on other (sometimes incomplete) information.

I should also mention the Internet Movie Database, available to WWW users at http://www.msstate.edu/Movies/welcome.html as well as at mirror sites worldwide and by email (write to movie@ibmpcug.co.uk with the subject line "HELP FAQ") as a source of such information. However, the topic/theme database is one of the weaker parts of the whole, and I have not used it in compiling this list.

For each movie where I have seen a cast list, I cite two performers. If I have the director but not any performers, I give the director with "(D)" following. The performers are always the first two listed by Maltin, or if Maltin does not list the movie, then by Huntley, if he does. This information is only provided to help people identify the movie; to keep the list entries short, I am *not* interested in giving further credits, or plot information.

The following words and phrases are abbreviated to their initial single letters: Black and white, Color, Silent, Partly, Tv-movie (written after the date, and includes releases direct to home video), minutes. Thus PB113m means "partly black and white (and hence partly color), 113 minutes long". A "?" in the data indicates uncertain information. Any known alternate titles the movie may be known by are listed in "[]", separated by semicolons if there is more than one; if I have the original release title, I always use that for the main listing, even if another title is better known.

A few movies, marked "?" *before the title*, are listed provisionally, based on incomplete information. For example, for films where no running time is listed, it's possible that they're really shorts and should be deleted; in other cases it may be unclear whether the film is a Railway Movie of the First Kind.

Finally, since Huntley's book includes a large number of documentaries, many of them intended specifically for railfans and issued for home video. I have included those that are of feature length, but split them out into a separate listing below the main list. Some companies are now issuing such videos as periodicals; these are not included in the list. If the documentaries section becomes very long in the future, I may delete it as well, as it is not my main interest here.

In Case of Error or Omission, Please Write
With the above criteria in mind, I am always interested in hearing about additions or corrections to the list. Even where the film is not flagged "?", the decision to include it or not may have been based on a brief summary in Maltin, Huntley, or elsewhere, and these can always be misleading. Or maybe a film is on the main list but is really a documentary. Similarly, I would like to fill out the entries for those films where they are incomplete, and correct any erroneous running times that may have been due to TV commercials, silents shown at the wrong projection speed, and so on.

My preferred email address is msb@sq.com, and if that fails, you can try msb@sq.sq.com and msb%sq.com@onet.on.ca, which should also reach the same place. If you're still using uucp addresses, ...!utzoo!sq!msb and ...!uunet!sq!msb will find me. And if all else fails, you can also try mailing to my guest login at msb@lsuc.on.ca.


* And so...           THE LIST OF RAILWAY MOVIES


  1.  Alberto Express (France/Italy, 1990) C88m,
                                              Sergio Castelloni, Nino Manfredi
  2.  Avalanche Express (USA, 1979) C88m, Lee Marvin, Robert Shaw
  3.  Background to Danger (USA, 1943) B80m, George Raft, Brenda Marshall
  4.  La Bataille du Rail (France, 1947) B87m, Salina Daurend, Lozach
  5.  Bergensbanen plyndret i natt (Norway, 1928) SB105m
  6.  Berlin Express (USA, 1948) B86m, Merle Oberon, Robert Ryan
  7.  La Bete Humaine (France, 1938) B90m [The Human Beast;
                                Judas was a Woman], Jean Gabin, Julien Carette
  8.  Bhowani Junction (USA/UK, 1956) C110m, Ava Gardner, Stewart Granger
  9.  Black Diamond Express (USA, 1927) SB95m, Monte Blue, Edna Murphy
 10.  The Block Signal (USA, 1926) SB87m [Tragic Railway],
                                                      Ralph Lewis, Jean Arthur
 11.  The Blue Express (USSR, 1929) SB85m, Sergei Minin, I. Chernyak
 12.  Boxcar Bertha (USA, 1972) C97m, Barbara Hershey, David Carradine
 13.  Breakheart Pass (USA, 1976) C95m, Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson
 14.  Brief Encounter (UK, 1945) B85m, Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard
 15.  Brief Encounter (UK, 1975T) C72m, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren
 16.  Broadway Limited (USA, 1941) B74m, Dennis O'Keefe, Victor McLaglen
 17.  Bulldog Jack (UK, 1934) B73m [Alias Bulldog Drummond],
                                                Jack Hulbert, Ralph Richardson
 18.  Cafe Express (Italy, 1981) C89m, Nino Manfredi, Adolfo Celi
 19.  California Straight Ahead (USA, 1937) B67m, John Wayne, Louise Latimer
 20.  Canadian Pacific (USA, 1949) C95m, Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt
 21.  The Cassandra Crossing (UK, 1977) C127m, Richard Harris, Sophia Loren
 22.  Caught on a Train (UK, 1980T) C90m, Peggy Ashcroft
 23.  Le Cerveau (France, 1969) C100m [The Brain],
                                               David Niven, Jean-Paul Belmondo
 24.  Chartroose Caboose (USA, 1960) C75m, Molly Bee, Ben Cooper
 25.  Chattanooga Choo-Choo (USA, 1984) C102m, Barbara Eden, George Kennedy
 26.  Cock o' the North (UK, 1935) B84m, George Carney, Marie Lohr
 27.  Dakota (USA, 1945) B82m, John Wayne, Vera Ralston
 28.  Danger Lights (USA, 1930) B73m, Louis Wolheim, Jean Arthur
 29.  Death Train (USA/UK/Yugoslavia, 1992T) C100m
             [Alistair Maclean's Death Train], Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Stewart
 30.  Deathline (UK, 1973) C87m [Raw Meat], Donald Pleasence, David Ladd
 31.  The Denver and Rio Grande (USA, 1952) C89m,
                                               Edmond O'Brien, Sterling Hayden
 32.  Disaster on the Coastliner (USA, 1979T) C100m,
                                                   Lloyd Bridges, Raymond Burr
 33.  Emperor of the North Pole (USA, 1973) C118m [Emperor of the North;
                        Emperor of the Northwest], Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine
 34.  End of the Line (USA, 1930s?)
 35.  End of the Line (USA, 1987) C105m, Wilford Brimley, Levon Helm
 36.? The Engine Driver (UK? Japan?, 1964)
 37.  Europa (Denmark/Sweden/France/Germany, 1991) PB113m [Zentropa],
                                                Barbara Sukowa, Jean-Marc Barr
 38.? Express to Terror
 39.  Finders Keepers (USA, 1984) C96m, Michael O'Keefe, Beverly D'Angelo
 40.  Florida Special (USA, 1936) B70m, Jack Oakie, Sally Eilers
 41.  The Flying Scot (UK, 1957) B68m, Lee Paterson, Kay Callard
 42.  The Flying Scotsman (UK, 1930) PSB63m, Moore Marriott,
                                                         Raymond (Ray) Milland
 43. *The First Great Train Robbery (UK, 1978) C111m
                    [The Great Train Robbery], Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland
 44.  From Russia With Love (UK, 1963) C118m, Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi
 45. *The General (USA, 1927) SB74m, Buster Keaton, Marion Mack
 46.  The Ghost Train (UK, 1927) SB82m, Guy Newall, Ilse Bois
 47.  The Ghost Train (UK, 1931) B72m, Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge
 48.  The Ghost Train (UK, 1941) B84m, Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch
 49.  The Girl in the Train (USA, 1927) SB103m, Mady Christians,
                                                               Marcella Alboni
 50.  Grand Central Murder (USA, 1942) B73m [Grand Central Station],
                                                     Van Heflin, Patricia Dane
 51.  The Great Barrier (UK, 1937) B85m, Richard Arlen, Barrie Mackey
 52.  The Great K&A Train Robbery (USA, 1926) SB53m, Tom Mix, Dorothy Dwan
 53.  The Great Locomotive Chase (USA, 1956) C85m [Andrews' Raiders],
                                                   Fess Parker, Jeffrey Hunter
 54.  The Great Train Robbery (USA, 1942) B61m, Bob Steele, Claire Carleton
 55.  The Great Train Robbery (West Germany, 1967) B104m; T version, 240m;
             [The Great British Train Robbery; Die Gentlemen bitten zur Kasse;
                               Der grosse Postraub], Horst Tappert, Hans Cossy
 56.  Hatter's Castle (UK, 1941) B90m, Deborah Kerr, James Mason
 57.  The Harvey Girls (USA, 1946) C101m, Judy Garland, Ray Bolger
 58.? Hell Train
 59.  Heroes are Made (USSR, 1944) B78m, V. Perist-Patrensk
 60.? Hijack (1973T)
 61.  Horror Express (Spain/UK, 1972) C88m [Panico en el Transiberiano;
          Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express], Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing
 62.  Human Desire (USA, 1954) B90m, Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame
 63.  The Hurricane Express (1932) B79m, John Wayne, Shirley Grey
 64. *The Incident (USA, 1967) B107m, Tony Musante, Martin Sheen
 65.  The Iron Horse (USA, 1924) SB119m, George O'Brien, Madge Bellamy
 66.  Istanbul Express (USA, 1968T) C94m, Gene Barry, John Saxon
 67.  It Happened to Jane (USA, 1959) C98m [Twinkle and Shine],
                                                        Doris Day, Jack Lemmon
 68.  Joe Hill (Sweden, 1971) C114m, Thommy Berggren, Ania Schmidt
 69.  Kansas Pacific (USA, 1953) C73m, Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller
 70. *The Lady Vanishes (UK, 1938) B97m, Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave
 71.  The Lady Vanishes (UK, 1979) C99m, Elliott Gould, Cybill Shepherd
 72.  The Last Journey (UK, 1936) B66m, Hugh Williams, Godfrey Tearle
 73.  Last Train from Bombay (USA, 1952) B72m, Jon Hall, Christine Larson
 74.  The Lost Express (USA, 1926) SB70m?, Helen Holmes, Jack Mower
 75.  The Lost Special (USA, 1930s?)
 76.  Man of Iron (Italy, 1956) B116m [The Railroad Man],
                                                Pietro Germi, Luisa Della Noce
 77.  The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (UK, 1953) C83m [The Paris Express],
                                                     Claude Rains, Marta Toren
 78.  The Mercenaries (UK, 1968) C100m, Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux
 79.  Midnight Alarm (USA, 1923) SB50m
 80.  The Midnight Express (USA, 1924) SB70m, Elaine Hammerstein,
                                                                William Haines
 81.  Money Train (USA, 1995) C130m?, Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson
 82.  Mouvements du Desir (Canadian, 1993) [Movements of Desire,
               Desire in Motion] C94m, Valeri Kaprisky, Jean-Francois Pichette
 83. *Murder on the Orient Express (UK, 1974) C127m,
                                                  Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall
 84.  Mystery Junction (UK, 1951) B67m, Sydney Taffler, Barbara Murray
 85.? Nairn's Journey (UK, 1974)
 86.  The Narrow Margin (USA, 1952) B70m, Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor
 87.  Narrow Margin (USA, 1990) C97m, Gene Hackman, Anne Archer
 88.  Night Passage (USA, 1957) C90m, James Stewart, Audie Murphy
 89.? The Night Train to Kathmandu (USA, 1988T) C105m,
                                              Pernell Roberts, Eddie Castrodad
 90.  Night Train to Memphis (USA, 1946) B64m, Roy Acuff, Allan Lane
 91.  Night Train to Munich (UK, 1940) B93m [Night Train],
                                               Rex Harrison, Margaret Lockwood
 92. *North West Frontier (UK, 1959) C130m [Flame Over India],
                                                   Lauren Bacall, Kenneth More
 93.  Oh! Mr. Porter (UK, 1937) B85m, Will Hay, Moore Marriott
 94.  On the Right Track (USA, 1981) C98m, Gary Coleman, Lisa Eilbacher
 95.  One Way to Love (USA, 1945) B83m, Chester Morris, Janis Carter
 96.  Orient Express (USA, 1934) B71m, Heather Angel, Norman Foster
 97.  Orphan Train (USA, 1979T) C150m, Jill Eikenberry, Kevin Dobson
 98.  Ostre Sledovane Vlaky (Czechoslovakia, 1966) B89m
                            [Closely Watched Trains; Closely Observed Trains],
                                                  Vaclav Neckar, Jitka Bendova
 99.  Our Hospitality (USA, 1923) SB74m, Buster Keaton, Natalie Talmadge
100.  The Overland Limited (USA, 1925) SB71m [The Mad Train],
                                                Malcolm McGregor, Olive Borden
101.  Overland Pacific (USA, 1954) C73m, Jock Mahoney, Peggie Castle
102.  Panic on the 5:22 (USA, 1974T) C78m, Ina Balin, Bernie Casey
103.  Peking Express (USA, 1951) B95m, Joseph Cotten, Corinne Calvet
104.  The Perils of Pauline (USA, 1947) C96m, Betty Hutton, John Lund
105.  Petschki-Lawotschki (USSR, 1973) C102m, Wassilij Schukschin,
                                                            Lidija Fedossejewa
106.  The Phantom Express (USA, 1925) SB77m, David Butler, Ethel Shannon
107.  The Phantom Express (USA, 1932) B66m, William Collier Jr., Sally Blane
108.  Pociag (Poland, 1959) B90m [Night Train], Lucyna Winnicka, Leon Niemczyk
109.  Powderkeg (USA, 1970T) C100m, Rod Taylor, Dennis Cole
110.  Prison Train (USA, 1938) B84m [People's Enemy],
                               Fred Keating, Linda Winters (Dorothy Comingore)
111.  Proryv (USSR, 1988?) C
112.  Rails Into Laramie (USA, 1954) C81m, John Payne, Marie Blanchard
113. *The Railway Children (UK, 1972) C102m, Dinah Sheridan, Bernard Cribbins
114.  The Railway Station Man (UK, 1992T) C100m,
                                             Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland
115.  Rallare! (Sweden, 1947) B109m
116.  Robbery (UK, 1967) C114m, Stanley Baker, Joanna Pettet
117.  Rock Island Trail (USA, 1949) Forrest Tucker, Bruce Cabot
118.  Romance of a Railway (UK, 1935) B58m, Carl Harbard, Donald Wolfit
119.  Romance on the Orient Express (USA, 1985T) C100m,
                                                    Cheryl Ladd, Stuart Wilson
120.  Rome Express (UK, 1932) B94m, Conrad Veidt, Esther Ralston
121.  La Roue (France, 1921) SB122m [The Wheel], Severin Mars, Ivy Close
122.  La Roue (France, 1956) B92m, Jean Servais, Pierre Mordy
123.  Runaway! (USA, 1973T) C73m [The Runaway Train], Ben Johnson, Ben Murphy
124.  Runaway Train (USA, 1985) C111m, Jon Voight, Eric Roberts
125.  Santa Fe (USA, 1951) C89m, Randolph Scott, Janis Carter
126.  Scalplock (USA, 1966T) C100m, Dale Robertson, Diana Hyland
127.  Scherben (Germany, 1921) SB62m, Werner Krauss, Hermine Strassmann-Witt
128.  Seven Sinners (UK, 1936) B70m, Constance Cummings, Edmund Lowe
129.  Shanghai Express (USA, 1932) B80m, Marlene Dietrich, Anna May Wong
130.  Shinkansen Daibakuha (Japan, 1975) C89m [The Bullet Train]
131.  Short Walk to Daylight (USA, 1972T) C73m; also revised later version;
                                                    James Brolin, Don Mitchell
132.? Silk Train (USA, early 1930s)
133.  The Silent Passenger (UK, 1935), B88m, John Loder, Peter Haddon
134.  The Silver Streak (USA, 1934) B72m, Sally Blane, Charles Starrett
135. *Silver Streak (USA, 1976) C113m, Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh
136.  Simplon Tunnel (West Germany, 1958) B91m, Hans Fincher, Brigitte Krause
137.  Sleeping Car (UK, 1933) B72m, Ivor Novello, Madeleine Carroll
138.  The Sleeping Car (USA, 1990) C87m, David Naughton, Julie Aronson
139.  Sleeping Car to Trieste (UK, 1948) B95m, Jean Kent, Albert Lieven
140.? Spione (Germany, 1927) SB130m, Gerda Maurus, Willy Fritsch
141.  Spy Train (USA, 1943) B61m, Richard Travis, Catherine Craig
142.  The Station (Italian, 1990) C92m, Sergio Rubini, Margherita Buy
143.  Stazione Termini (USA/Italy, 1953) B87m  [Terminal Station;
           Indiscretion of an American Wife], Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift
144.  Streamline Express (USA, 1936) B71m, Victor Jory, Evelyn Venables
145.  Struggle Will End Tomorrow (Czechoslovakia, 1953) C80m
146.  Subway (France, 1985) C104m, Isabelle Adjani, Christopher Lambert
147.  Svampe (Norway, 1990) C79m
148.  Tag till Himlen (Sweden/Ecuador, 1988) C85m, Carlos Lopez, Hugo Alvarez
149. *The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (USA, 1974) C104m,
                                                   Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw
150.  The Tall Target (USA, 1951) B78m, Dick Powell, Paula Raymond
151.  Terror by Night (USA, 1946) B60m [Sherlock Holmes in Terror by Night],
                                                   Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce
152.  Terror on a Train (UK, 1953) B72m [Time Bomb], Glenn Ford, Anne Vernon
153.  Terror Train (Canada, 1980) C97m, Ben Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis
154.  Three for Bedroom C (USA, 1952) C74m, Gloria Swanson, Fred Clark
155.  3:10 To Yuma (USA, 1957) B92m, Van Heflin, Glenn Ford
156.  Thunder (USA, 1929) SB90m, Lon Chaney, James Murray
157.  A Ticket to Tomahawk (USA, 1950) C90m, Dan Dailey, Anne Baxter
158. *The Titfield Thunderbolt (UK, 1953) C84m, Stanley Holloway, George Relph
159.  Tough Guys (USA, 1986) C104m, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas
160.  Tracks (USA, 1976) C90m, Dennis Hopper, Taryn Power
161. *The Train (USA, 1964) B133m, Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield
162.  Le Train (France, 1973) C101m [The Train], Romy Schneider,
                                                        Jean-Louis Trintignant
163.  Train 523 (France, 1947) B97m
164.  The Train Killer (European, 1983) C
165.  Train of Events (UK, 1949) B89m, Valerie Hobson, Jack Warner
166.  Train Ride to Hollywood (USA, 1975) C85m, Bloodstone "Charles" Love,
                                                                Willis Draffen
167.  The Train Robbers (USA, 1973) C92m, John Wayne, Ann-Margret
168.  Train Robbery Confidential (Brazil, 1962) B102m,
                                               Eliezer Gomes, Reginaldo Farias
169.  Train to Alcatraz (USA, 1948) B60m, Donald Barry, Janet Martin
170.  Train to Tombstone (USA, 1950) B56m, Donald Barry, Robert Lowery
171.? Trans-Europe Express (France, 1966) C94m, Jean-Louis Trintignant,
                                                           Marie-France Pisier
172.  Transcontinental Limited (USA, 1926) SB82m, Lionel Barrymore,
                                                                 Madge Bellamy
173.  Turksib (USSR, 1929) SB88m
174. *Twentieth Century (USA, 1934) B91m, John Barrymore, Carole Lombard
175.  Tycoon (USA, 1947) C128m, John Wayne, Laraine Day
176.  Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (USA, 1995) C130m?, Steven Seagal,
                                                                 Eric Bogosian
177.  Underground (UK, 1928) SB109m, Elissa Landi, Brian Aherne
178.  Union Depot (USA, 1932) B75m, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Joan Blondell
179.  Union Pacific (USA, 1939) B135m, Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrae
180.  Union Station (USA, 1950) B80m, William Holden, Nancy Olsen
181.  Verspaetung in Marienborn (West Germany/France/Italy, 1963) B94m
      [Stop Train 349; Le train de Berlin est arrete], Jose Ferrer, Sean Flynn
182.  Viva Maria! (France-Italy, 1965) C119m, Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau
183.? Vlak Bez Vosrog Reda (Yugoslavia, 1959) [Train Without a Timetable]
184.? Vlak U Snijegu (Yugoslavia, 1976) [Train in the Snow]
185. *Von Ryan's Express (USA, 1965) C117m, Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard
186.  Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train (Australia, 1988) C90m, Wendy Hughes
187.  The Warriors (USA, 1979) C90m, Michael Beck, James Remar
188.  Without Reservations (USA, 1946) B107m, Claudette Colbert, John Wayne
189.  Where the Hell's That Gold?!!? (USA, 1988T) C100m,
                                                      Willie Nelson, Jack Elam
190.  The Wrecker (UK, 1929) SB59m, Carlyle Blackwell, Joseph Striker
191.  Zuckerbaby (West Germany, 1984) C86m, Marianne Saegebrecht, Eisi Gulp
192.  Der Zug (Austria/West Germany/Italy, 1989T) C208m, Ben Kingsley,
                                                               Dominique Sanda


193.  America on Rails (USA) PB85m
194.  The Big Little Railroad (USA, 1940s) 60m?
195.  Branch Ride to Whitby (UK, 1987T) C110m
196.  Cab Ride: Harrisburg to Huntingdon (USA, 1988T) C100m
197.  Cab Ride: Huntingdon to Johnstown (USA, 1988T) C100m
198.  Cajon Pass / Tehachapi Loop (USA, 1986) C120m
199.  The Cambrian Coast (UK, 1988T) C80m
200.  Chiltern (UK, 1990T) C90m
201.  Diesel Train Driver (UK, 1959) B84m
202.  Diesels on the Union Pacific (USA, 1984) C120m
203.  Driver's Eye View: HST West (UK, 1986T) C85m
204.  The East Broad Top (USA) C120m
205.  The Far North (UK, 1991T) C104m
206.  Farewell to the Deltic (UK, 1983T) C90m
207.  Flying Scotsman Diamond Jubilee Celebrations (UK, 1983T) C180m
208.  Flying Scotsman and Pendennis Castle in West Australia (UK, 1989T) C76m
209.  Freight Train: Volume One (UK, 1990T) C125m
210.  Freight Train: Volume Two (UK, 1991T) C125m
211.  FT 103, the Diesel that Revolutionized American Railroading (USA, 1990)
212.  Great Western Journey (UK, 1985T) C73m
213.  Main Line 1988 (UK, 1989T) C120m
214.  Maintenance of Electrical Signalling Equipment (UK, 1958) B63m
215.  The Man Who Loves Giants (UK, 1990T) C75m
216.  Measured Packing (UK, 1953) B67m
217.  Mechanical Point Operation (UK, 1954) B68m
218.  Mechanical Signal Operation (UK, 1955) B64m
219.  Metropolitan and District: a Driver's Eye View (UK, 1990T) C85m
220.  One Day in Severn (UK, 1990T) C105m
221.  One Way Ticket (UK, 1983T) C80m
222.  Railfanning the Silverton (USA, 1985T) C110m
223.  The Railfilms Collection (UK, 1989T) C80m
224.  The Railfilms Collection: Volume Two (UK, 1989T) C80m
225.  Railtour Special (UK, 1990T) C120m
226.  Reflections of American Railroads (USA) PB78m
227.  Safety Precautions on Electrified Lines (UK, 1964) B71m
228.  Saluda Mountain (USA) C75m
229.  Santa Fe Odyssey: Volume 1 (USA) C126m
230.  Santa Fe Odyssey: Volume 2 (USA) C108m
231.  Santa Fe's Seligman Sub and New Mexico Main (USA) C120m
232.  Settle to Carlisle Line (UK, 1987T) C150m
233.  Severn Valley 1988 (UK, 1989T) C120m
234.  Skye Train (UK, 1987T) C90m
235.  The Southern Knights (UK, 1983T) C120m
236.  Southern Steam in the Sixties (UK, 1989T) C120m
237.  St. Louis 1990 Steam Spectacular (USA, 1990T) C120m
238.  Steamfest 1990 (USA, 1990T) C120m
239.  Steaming to LA (USA, 1989T) C105m
240.  Super Cabs and Steam (USA, 1991T) C88m
241.  Susquehanna Spectacular (USA, 1990T) C107m
242.  Taking Coals to... (UK, 1991T) C120m
243.  Tehachapi (USA) C120m
244.  Transport in Vision: Diesel Train Driver (UK) C75m
245.  Twilight of the Rio Grande Trilogy (USA) C85m
246.  Union Pacific Last Steam Giants: Heavy Freight (USA) C80m
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SoftQuad Inc., Toronto                                        -- Lord Kelvin

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