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W&H MAIN YARDS: Articulated Locos

By Bill Bedford
Last Updated 8-20-94

All the articulating use two (or occationally three) 'engines' ie cyinders, wheels and frames. The differences between them, and the patent they are named after, usually had to do with with mechanics of the suspention of the boiler /cab frame on the engine frames

The major sytems are:

The Mallets and Faileys were early designs (1870) and the patentes had lapst by the begining of the this century. This enable them to be built by a number of different comanies. Beyer Peacock held the patents to the Beyer Garrets though they were also built under licence in Belgium. Meyers, of both types seem only to have been built by Kitsons in Leeds and most seem to have gone to South America.

There were also a number of systems articulating the axles within the frames.

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