Had Enough of WebWars?
Become a Browser Neutral Site

Are you tired of being asked "Why don't you customize your site for XXXXX browser, it's WAY cooler!" and seeing those stupidly cute animated icons on everyones page? Tired of two great forces lobbing NetBombs back and forth over your connection? I was.

I then established my site as a Browser Neutral Site where folks of all browsers and platforms can view together, unleashed from the burden of maddening incompatibilities and strange layouts.

If you too have had enough of WebWars, then trash, recycle or delete those N and e icons and all they represent. Throw off the chains of browser specific tags and proudly display the BROWSER NEUTRAL SITE icon as either animated or static and never look back.

The icon may be copied and displayed by any site that looks decent on multiple browsers and that display no icons for particular browsers. It would be helpful if they were linked back here so others may learn about the icon too. Offer void at *.netscape.com and *.microsoft.com .

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