The East Broad Top Garden Railroad and Coal Company Photos

Construction, Mar-Jun 1998

A sight line runs a loop through the backyard to test the track arrangement The shed has yet to be moved across the sidewalk so the line mysteriously dissapears into its front and side. The final plan varied a bit from this one. This is early spring 1998.

July 1998, I am in the process of trenching and laying the conduit under the roadbed. One of the dozen or so junction boxes that feed power to the track is shown before being burried.

All the conduit has been layed and backfilled, and I am now feeding in the wiring for the layout. The section this side of the junction box is done and I am feeding in the next section to the next junction box visible in the background. The track is test fitted into place temporarily.

First Showing - Home and Garden Tour, Summer 1998

A Lil' Critter powered train fights up the grade at Fairview with Coles curve in the foreground. The trains are on display during the 1998 northwood Park Homes Tour, their first public display. The track was not up to par and it was not level enough to run steam locomotives.

Train on the valley line passing Adams. The giant white cat is guarding the train from the eveil scrappers.

Overhead view of the layout in the late summer of 1998.

Track Rebuilding, Spring 1999

The PVC post for the control box is in place and the 12V and 120V wiring has been run.

Between Cooks and Rocky Ridge the track is being reagraded to remove the bumps and maintain a constant grade. This same procedure was repeated over most of the line.

Second Showing - Neighborhood Festival, Summer 1999

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Spring Break-in, April 2000

This is the first train of the 2000 season after the track was brough back into shape after the winter. At the point are a PRR and Philladelphia and Bethlehem Lil' Critters.

Third Showing - Home and Garden Tour, Summer 2000

The Bachmann EBT ten wheeler and coaches winds across the Coles Curve trestle and toward Robertsdale.

Looking across Coles Curve towards Fairview, the Bachmann CNJ ten wheeler emerges from the forest and winds across the curved trestle.

After rounding the curve, the train heads on to Rocky Ridge and Robertsdale.

The 'Control Tower'. The spare rolling stock has to be stored on the ground until I can get a yeard built.

An EBT passenger consist comes down the mountain near Rocky Ridge approaching Coles Curve. Two 'leased' White pass cars are in the consist.

Test Running New Pennsy Set, September 2000

The new Pensy Alco FA units and the heavyweight passenger set pass through the forest at Orbisonia.

The same train poses on Coles Curve.

The Alcos are coming off the mountain at Alvan and 'crossing over' to Mount Union.

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