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This spur was built in 1918-19 off the Neelyton Wye to service a General Refractories ganister quarry on the side of Tuscarora Mountain. The branch was used for ganister and lumber until 1927 when GRefCo closed for two years and subsequently switched quarries when reopned. With the ganister traffic gone, the branch became so rickety that the locomotives delivering cars for lumber shipments had to shove the cars onto the branch, the track not being able to support the locomotive. The cars were then let down the branch by gravity. Also horses were reportedly used to move cars on the branch. The branch was gone by 1943 when the Shade Gap Branch from Shade Gap to Neelyton was removed. The quarry laid abandoned for many years until a man posing as a legitimate salvage contractor scrapped everything without the knowledge of General Refractories.

Today the stone foundations of the tipple and base of the funicular grade remain at the end of the EBT Track. At the quarry, the foundations of the enginehouse and several other structures remain, along with two standing structues, one of which was a powder house. All are now are on private property.

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