EBT heraldSleeman

Mile Mark: unknown
Elevation: unknown
Date: unknown

There is some confusion as to the correct location of Sleeman. Rainey and Kyper's book describes it as being between Jacobs and Evanston, however a 1919 map of the EBT shows it as being at the same site as Dougherty. It is possible that both were locations of Sleeman operations, as one operated after 1881 and another starting in 1902.

The Sleeman operation was founded by George Sleeman of Saltillo. He had prospected for coal in Shirleys Knob (near what was later the end of the Rocky Ridge Branch) and found the coal there to be "unsatisfactory". Thereafter Sleeman opened a mine at this location later named for him. The Sleeman mine was one of the larger producers in the Rocky Ridge area producing 19,000 tons of coal in 1890. The coal from this operations was transported by sled or wagon. In 1902 Sleeman opened another mine with the intention of selling the coal fo the Pittsburgh White Sands Company in Mapleton.

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