EBT heraldRI&C Mine Second No. 9

Photo of RI&C Mine Second No. 9 Photo of RI&C Mine Second No. 9
Mile Mark: 32.70
Elevation: unknown
Date Built: 1943
Published Photos: EBT 156, AEBT 14

Mine No. 9 was operated on the Fulton seam 1917-54 and 1957-68 and produced 5,917,776 tons for all companies that operated it. In 1943 this new opening and tipple were opened to be closer to the current mine workings. No. 9 was the last underground mine opened on the east slope and the only deep mine operated after the end of Rockhill Coal Co.operations. It was operated by Park Coal Company and then GM&W Coal Company, both contracted by Kovalchick Salvage. The mine received a second new entrance in 1965. After the end of EBT operations, three EBT steel hoppers, minus trucks, were placed on stilts to act as a truck loader. This is the only EBT serviced mine which is known to have used electric tractions instead of mules.

Since the mine ceased operations in 1968, most of the equipment and structures have been removed from the site. Four ancillary structures still remain at the site, one being the powder house. The site is on posted private property.

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