EBT heraldRI&C Mine No. 5

Photo of RI&C Mine No. 5
Mile Mark: 30.20
Elevation: 1800'
Date Built: 1872
Published Photos: AEBT 6, 10, 12, 48, 77

This mine, better known as the Robertsdale Slope, serviced the Barnett and Twin seams from 1889-1952 and the lower Fulton seam from 1898-1952. No. 5 was the all-time biggest RI&C producer at more than 9,184,950 tons of coal. Despite this, its yearly output was less than those in Woodvale in the later years of operation. After the end of underground operations, the tipple was still used to load coal trucked in from strip mines No. 12 and 14. No. 12 operated 1945-48 and 54-56 and produced 276,381 tons. No. 14 operated 1948-55 and produced 378,883 tons. No. 12 was also loaded at the Woodvale Loading Ramp.

The tipple site is clearly visible beside the EBT just south of the S curve. A variety of timbers and equipment remain. A long trench extends from the tipple to the concrete mine head. The tunnel is collapsed for several hundred feet inside the head.

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