EBT heraldMount Union North Standard Gauge Yard

Mile Mark: 0.30
Elevation: 590'
Date: unknown

This area of yard was where incoming Pennsylvania and other standard gauge cars were spotted before being loaded in the coal cleaning plant. This was the approximate site of the original transfer trestle which was replaced with the Coal Plant.

The yard consists of four standard gauge tracks branching off from the easternmost dual gauge track. On the easternmost track in this yard, essentially the east main, is the coal dump which supplied coal to the NARCo plant. The yard is on a slight grade so, once spotted, no locomotive would be needed to transfer cars to the plant. All the tracks but the dual gauge collapse into a single track before branching out again into the Coal Plant.

The track is still in place and contains 15 ex-Army standard gauge boxcars. The last known use of the track was the removal of several narrow gauge hoppers on standard gauge gondolas from around the coal plant in 1968. The yard is heavily overgrown, but explorable.

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