EBT heraldMount Union North Dual Gauge Yard

Photo of Mount Union North Dual Gauge Yard Photo of Mount Union North Dual Gauge Yard
Mile Mark: 0.40
Elevation: 590'
Date: unknown
Published Photos: AEBT 92, 94

This area was where loaded EBT hoppers were spotted by trains coming in from the mines. They were then gravity switched into the Coal Cleaning Plant to be unloaded.

The yard consists of four dual gauge tracks that branch off a ladder track departing from the main. The three eastern tracks become narrow gauge only before collapsing into one of the two unloading tracks at the Coal Plant. The western track stays dual gauge and becomes the western unloading track.

In this yard is the single largest group of EBT hoppers. Among the oddities here are all four of the "shorty" hoppers built exclusively for ganister service, a two bay flat bottomed hopper from the EBT's original steel hopper purchase, and a hopper with wood height extenders instead of steel. The yard is heavily overgrown except for the main which has recently been cleared.

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