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Photo of Yard Office/Storage Sheds Photo of Yard Office/Storage Sheds Photo of Yard Office/Storage Sheds
Mile Mark: 11.00
Elevation: 630'
Date Built: 1867
Published Photos: AEBT 60, 185

The yard office was originally built in 1867 as a farm homestead. In 1873 that farm became the EBT's Rockhill Yard and the homestead housed the EBT's general offices. When Orbisonia Station was built this became the yard office. The leanto on the west side as well was added between 1904 and 1911, and was used in the later years to house oil and petroleum fuel.

A variety of additons were added to the rear of the building over the years. In its current scheme two building are tied to the reaf of the Farm House, the fiirst being added earlier than the second. A single story ganway across the length of the farmhouse connects it to the first building. A two story gangway connects the first storage building to the second. The first building houses a vast array of parts like bolts, rivets and pipe fittings. The lower floor or the second buidling is completely filled with racks for storaing long stock items liek flues, rod and and angle iron. The upper floor is for general storage uf miscelaneous items.

The building is in reasonable condition and receives some maintenace. It is of a random stone construction with a frame roof. Until recently the front pitch of the roof is covered with grey shingles and the rear with red shingles. The roof was recently completely replaced to aleave leakage problems.

HAER info at the Library of Congess site> (Farm House) HAER info at the Library of Congess site> (Storage Sheds)

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