EBT heraldDougherty

Mile Mark: unknown
Elevation: unknown
Date Built: c1875-1910

Dougherty was the sight of one of the earliest mines in the Rocky Ridge area. It appears to have been in operation at the time the EBT was constructed through the Trough Creek Valley. Attmepts by the min'es proprietor to convince the EBT to construct a branch to the mine failed, so the mine built a tramay to the EBT in 1878. The tram appears to have been on a grade higher than the future location of the Rocky Ridge Branch. The grade ran from the mine to a timpple constructed over a siding on the EBT just south of the Rocky Ridge bridge. Apparently due to the success of the mine, it was leased to the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company from 1884 until 1891. Afetr that the mine is described as derilict.

In 1903 the mine was reopened under the Rocky Ridge Mining Company, which operated the mine until 1907. RRMC built a new tram, presumably on the same grade as the Dourghetry tram, and the EBT siding servicing the mine was also rebuilt. In 1909 the mine is reported as being under the "Jacobs and Glazier concern" which was the Broad Top Coal and Mineral Company. In 1910 the BTC&MCo operations moved from here to the Starr #1 mine at Wrays Hill.

The mine seems to have been abandoned since 1910 and was described as "marginal" in its later years. It is unclear if this mine was ever directly served by the Rocky Ridge Branch as it's tramway to the EBT main was rebuilt two years after the branch was completed. The Glazier opration was reported to be in the same area and was served tye the branch, and it is possible this was another name for the Dougherty mine in its last years.

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