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The Machine Shop is the locaton in the Shops where any parts that need to be shaped to precise ternences were made. Machining conisist of four main types of operations.


Drilling is the machining operation of cutting away material by rotating a cutting tool with multiple cutting lips against a fixed workpiece. Drills and drill tools (bits) come in a variety of forms and functions, but they all have the purpose of placing or enlarging a hole in the workpiece.

Lathe and Boring Machine

The Lathe cuts away material by rotating a workpiece against a fixed single-point cutting tool. Although the tool is fixed relative to the rotation of the piece, it can be moved along its legnth and moved toward and away from the workpiece's axis. Turning produces cylindrical parts.

There are several types of operations that can be performed by turning:


Turning involves moving a tool along the axis of rotation of the workpiece, adusting its distance from the workpiece's axis to change the diamater of parts of the work piece.


Facing invoves moving a tool perpindicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece only, to create a flat face on the part. Facing is usually done on the end of a workpiece.


Parting involves moving a tool perpindicular to the axis of rotation of the workpiece only, to create a groove in the workpiece, or to sever part of it completely.




Milling - planer

Milling is the process of cutting away material by feeding a workpiece past a rotating multiple tooth cutter. Milling can be vetical, with the cutting tool perpindicular to the surface being milled, or horizontal, with the cutting tool parallel to the surface being milled. Planing Boring - Chuck Lathe or Boring Machine Boring involves enlarging and existing hole, made by a drill or casting. In the EBT shops, a common boring operation is pefromed on the centers of wheels. The rough hole in the center is bored out to a precisely machined hole that is fractionally larger than the machined axle end. They must be precise as friction holds the wheels onto the axles. Sloting Pressing Technically, this is not a machining operation. Pressing is the process of forcing two parts together or apart. The pieces have very

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