EBT heraldHydrostatic Pump

Photo of Hydrostatic Pump
Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: steam
HAER Map Key: E
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown

A hydrostatic system uses a fluid such as oil or water which is, compared to air, relatively incompressible. As a result a hydrostatic system is suited to supplying constant pressure to mahcines rather than providing a flow of power as a compressed air system would. An example if this use is the hydraulic bending brake in the Boiler Shop. The system also requires thicker walled lines to contain the much higher pressure.

This pump used steam from the to power all the hydraulicly driven equipment in the shops.

Like the main steam engine, the Hydrostatic Pump is now covered by cribbing to support the roof. It also has not operated since 1956.

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