EBT heraldElectrical Generator

Photo of Electrical Generator Photo of Electrical Generator
Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: steam
HAER Map Key: 1
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown

This steam powered Westinghouse generator provided 32 Volt DC power to the shops complex and surrounding homes. It utilizes a steam turbine powered from the shops boilers to turn a DC generator. inside the generator room are the knife swithces, needle meters and resistance coils to control the power systems.

The gnerator is housed in a lean-to wing off the Machine Shop. The very shallow roof of the lean-to has lead to subsequent roof failing and being topcoated. Since the end of operations, the last roof failed and let a great deal of water in on the generator, damaging and corroding it.

In 2003 a crew from the FEBT replaced the leaking and rotted roof over the geneator with a completely new replica roof. In 2004 the windows and walls were refinsihed. The interior will be refinshed and returned to its historic state. The generator itself has sustained damage from the leaking roof and no longer turns. It is restorable however and in the future it will be addressed as well.

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