EBT heraldAir Compressor

Photo of Air Compressor Photo of Air Compressor
Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: steam
HAER Map Key: F
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: unknown
Published Photos: SGS 117

A compressed air system utilizes the expansion of compessed air to operate machinery as it expands to normal atmospheric pressure. Large voluemes of air need to be supplied to such a system, as the compressed air is exausted into the atmosphere at the tool it operates. It also requires a large storage tank in which to build up a reserve of compressed air for the sporatic use of air tools.

This steam powered unit supplied compressed air to system. Air was piped all across the complex. The air was used for such items as rivet hammering and air brake testing.

Like the main steam engine, the compressor has not operated since 1956.

EBT Herald
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