EBT heraldBoring Machine

Photo of Boring Machine Photo of Boring Machine
Building: Machine Shop
Machine Power: belt
HAER Map Key: H
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: Niles Tool Works

Boring is the process of making a symetrical hole in the center of a piece. Bording can be done ona chuck lathe, but for wheels a press type machine is the best suited piece od machinery. The Boring Macnine is similar to a dril press in that the tool is held vertical and lowered into the piece. however it is like a lathe in that the piece, affixed to the table, rotates (in the vertical) rather than the cutting tool. It ws used primarily to prepare wheels for the insertion of the axle on the Wheel Press. By spinning the work rather than the tool, a perfectly cetnered hole is garunteed so long as the pice is centered on the table. If a wheel is not centered it is clear when the edge moves in and out as the table rotates.

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