EBT heraldBoiler House

HAER Map Key: 2
Date Built: unknown
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The Boiler Shop is one of the oldest buildings in the complex. It likely dates from about 1882 and is of unusual hip gabled roof. The building takes it name from the fact that the two boilers that power the shops are located inside it. The Boiler House would have been a swletering place when the shops were poerating. The boilers had to be stoked and montored constantly to keep the supply of steam available. Not only did the steam power the steam engine and the line shafts, but also provided the power for the compressed air and hydrostatic system for th shops, heat for the shops and station and electrical power for most of the town. The degree of heat is evidenced by the steel sheets used to shield the wood walls and the many windows at the top of the walls used to vent out the heat. Stokers had to shovel coal from the coal bin into the boilers by hand.

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