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Photo of Boilers Photo of Boilers
Building: Boiler House
Machine Power: coal
HAER Map Key: A/B
Date Built: unknown
Manufacturer: Babcock and Wilcox

These two coal powered Babcock and Wilcox water tube boiler provide the shops complex with steam. Water tube boilers differ from fire tube boilers on steam locomotives in that the water is contained in the tubes and circulated through the fire filled interior of the boiler. Water tube boilers contain the fire (heated vapor) in the tubes and pass it through a water filled boiler. Water tube boilers are more compact and supply more short term power when needed, but fire tube boilers are easier to maintain and operate and are more efficient for constant need operations.

The steam from these boilers primarily powered the main shop Steam Engine, but also operates the Steam Hammer, Air Compressor, Hydrostatic Pump, Sump Pump, and Electrical Generator, and provided heat to the complex and station. The coal for the unit was provided from a storage bin opposite the boilers.

The boilers have not been fired since the 1956 closing. After the closing a separate coal boiler had to be installed in the station to maintain heat there. The remainder of the buildings have been unheated since then and none of the steam powered equipment have run. In the late 1990's roof leakage heavily damaged brickwork on the east and south side of the boilers and much debris had been discarded into the boilers.

FBT crews performed memrgency repairs on the boilers in 2003 to keep them stable and will perform additonal work in 2005. Much of the debris around and inside the boilers was also removed.

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