EBT Herald EBT Locomotive Roster: AS 1

Number: AS 1
Name: none
Date Built: Date Purchased: 1993Date Sold: Sep 2002
Line Built for: Disposition: D&S Serviceable
Builder: GEModel: Serial Number:
Style: diesel-electricType: SwitcherWheel Arrangement: B-B
Track Gauge: vrbl.Tractive Effort: 1,800Engine Power: 300 hp
Valve Gear/Transmission: ElectricalDriver Size: Cylinder Bore:
Weight: ~47 tonEngine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.:

This unit is one of three M-7 duplicates and a two pair of spare trucks reportedly came to the railroad November 5, 1993 from Kovanchick Salvage's acquisition at an Algoma Steel plant in Sault Sainte Marie. They are double ended diesel-electric locomotives with two engines. They have two 150 hp engines, one under each hood, and one traction motor in each truck directly powering one axle which is chain coupled to the other. The engines are variously said to be 671 Detroits and Allison 4 cylinders. They ar of the 45 tonner class, which refers to a variant of the 44 ton class where there are two traction motors rathe than four, with the other two axles driven by chains or siderods fromt he powered axle. Cosmetically, these differ from GE 44-toners in their undercarrige, which is divoid of tanks and resrviors and instead has a pair of variable gauge trucks. This unit was stored for possible reactivation or parts supply for M-7, but was never used.

The four units were part of a fleet of six at Algoma which pulled the ladle cars. A group of Standard Gauge 44 ton units also served the plant, dressed in a similar paint scheme. 1, 4, 5 and 6 went to the EBT. The disposition

s/n 30857 blt 2/51 This unit was restored to service by August 2005 as PB-2. PB apparently is the initial of the wife of the railroad's owner, Allen Harper. In the spring of 2006 the unit was resold to the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad in Fish Camp CA.

Reportedly these units were ballasted to 50 tons during their service live at Algoma Steel. The variable gauge trucks are quite a bit heavier than the fixed standard gauge trucks on a 44 toner, though the carbody seems to be a bit smaller.

The three unused units sat in the Locomotive Shop, except one that was displayed with what would be M-7 at the 1995 Fall Spectacular. After the massive Colorado fires that cased great losses to the Durango and Silverton when their steamers had to stop running due to the fire thread, the D&S started buying some diesels at reserve power. After buying and restoring a nearly identical 45 ton Arkansas Lime unit, the D&S purchased these three spare units from the EBT and started the haul to Colorado Septermber 17, 2002.

Generally these unit have had only limited success at the D&S. As their diesels are not durbo charged, they experience a major loss of power at the higher altitudes of the San Juan Mountians. Also they are geared to run very slowly and have no blosers to keep their traction motors cool, making them unsuted for mainline service. D&S proved the capability of the units by pairing AS1 (by then called PB-II) and the Arkansas Lime unit (now Hot-Shot 1) and pulling a test train to Silverton. However

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