EBT Herald EBT Locomotive Roster: 12 , 'Millie'

Number: 12
Name: Millie
Date Built: 12/1911Date Purchased: 1911Date Sold: none
Line Built for: East Broad TopDisposition: Serviceable
Builder: BaldwinModel: 12-28 1/4-ESerial Number: 37325
Style: coal fired steamType: MikadoWheel Arrangement: 2-8-2
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 22,100Engine Power: 180 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: WalshaertsDriver Size: 48"Cylinder Bore: 17X24
Weight: 112,000Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight: 88,000
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.:

#12 was the first Mikdado (2-8-2) locomotive on the property and followed direcly from the positive experience the EBT had with #11. #12 was all around the largest and most powrful locomotive on the line. On her maiden voyage up the mountain to Robertsdale, #12 derailded her lead truck on and ice buildup inside Sidling Hill Tunnel, and derailed completely when the truck caught on the switch at Kimmel. This incident brought the installation of the first doors on both tunnels. #14 and #15 were scaled up version of #12 and incorporated most of the same features.

In the late 40's and 50's #12 was largely layed up, there not being enough work for all six mikes and #12 being the smallest. In 1960, with the ropening of the line, #12 was restored to service and , rechristened "Millie" after Nick Kovalchick's daughter, was the star of the show. She and #15 operated trains push-pull in 1960 with #12 pulling out and #15 back. Later in the year they were switched due to #12's more frequent trips to the standpipe.

#12 has been in operation most years since. She is in need of new tires and recently suffered a tender leak, but she is generally in good operating condition.

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