EBT Herald EBT Locomotive Roster: 1 , 'E R Roberts'

Number: 1
Name: E R Roberts
Date Built: 3/1873Date Purchased: 1873Date Sold: 1911
Line Built for: Cairo and Saint LouisDisposition:
Builder: BaldwinModel: Serial Number: 3167
Style: coal fired steamType: MogulWheel Arrangement: 2-6-0
Track Gauge: 3'Tractive Effort: 5,000Engine Power: 110 psi
Valve Gear/Transmission: StevensonDriver Size: 36"Cylinder Bore: 11X16
Weight: 30,000Engine Weight: Adhesive Weight:
Grate: Fuel Capy.: Water Capy.: 1,000
Published Photos: EBT 31, 58, 63, 73, 100, 215

#1 was originally built as part of an order of 16 locomotives for the Cairo and Saint Louis but was diverted to the EBT when that road cancelled the order. #1 served along with sister #2 after their delivery in June 1872 to operate the trains of building materials as the EBT's construction pushed up the mountain from Rockhill Furnace. #1 was delivered with a short smokebox, diamond smokestack, three axled tender and dual steam domes. She was equipped with a crosshead feedwater pump placed inside the crosshead. Delivered with a long angled wood bar pilot, it was replaced with simple sood beam pilot relatively early, thus allowing easier coupling to the front of the locomotive. Relatively underpowered compared to all later power, #1 and #2 spent most of their lives in passenger or shifter service.

By 1901 to save money in a tight time, #1 was reactivated to replace worn out locomotives in shifter service on the RI&C Funace tramway. Those two dinkeys had been retired at the same time as the EBT's original Mount Union switcher #6. Apparently for this roll, she received an extended smokebox, straight stack and round kerosene headlight. In 1905, after the purchase of a new dinkey for the tramway in 1903, she was reboilered and placed back in railroad service to pull the President Siebert's new business car. That car, the Orbisonia, was purchased in September 1907 from the narrow gauge Big Level and Kinzula. One of the two dinkeys that replaced her would go on to become EBT third #2 after the furnaces closed. 31's new boiler featured only a single steam dome and placed the bell between it and the cab instead of in front of it as before.

By 1911 with big power like #11 and #12 arriving, she was outmoded even for executive car service and she was sold to the nearby Tuscarora Valley Railroad. The final disposition of #1 is unkown, but she is assumed to have been scrapped after her service on the TV.

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